Tiny Story: Mom and Babe

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Daughter: Mommy, would you please read a story for me? I can’t sleep.

After 70 years

Mom: Honey, would you please read the letter for me? I can’t find my glasses.


Tiny Story: The Door

Image by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash.com

With a rock on my heart, I see you

Place the luggage out of your door,

Thoughtfully, coz I can’t carry it alone.

I wish you had let it stay inside

And given me a reason to

See you one more time.

But you put it out and

Closed that door


Tiny Story: After

The loneliness had become too much. Every one told him that he should move to a new city and start over again. He could, then, meet new people, and may be, even find love again…

He looked at his children: five and eight. Would they mind moving? Of course, they would! Their lives were here with their grandparents, their school and friends. He couldn’t uproot them at a whim!

He couldn’t hurt them, so he let the memories hurt him.

Not worth it

The longing…

The wait…

The disappointment…

The hurt…

The pain…

Now I know,

You were never worth it.


Being happy is more important than being right.  Being right is overrated.  I have spent too much time arguing, trying to prove that I was right about a certain topic.  Most of the time it was issues or facts that just didn’t matter.  I tied my self-worth to being right and felt insecure if I was wrong.

What’s my advice?  Let it slide!  Learn to pick your battles.  Fight for the things that are truly important.  Agree to disagree on the minor things and move on.  It’s not worth the aggravation.

Have a great day!


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