Wanted: Mother


  • Diaper-changing speed: 5 sec/dp
  • Answering question speed: 10 q/sec
  • Training:
    • First aid
    • Folding laundry with one hand
    • Finding hidden objects
    • Running 10 miles a day (within house)
    • Mimicking multiple voices (for storytelling)

Payment: Unlimited Baby Kisses


Tiny Story: Reliving the Moment

“In that magical moment, he helped me up from the stairs. When looked at me as he cradled me in his arms, I saw emotions in his eyes… Love? I was taken aback!

Sure I was flattered by the attention but I couldn’t see how things would ever work out between the two of us.

For one, he was a hulk and I petite, almost breakable. Moreover, she had taken away my twin. I don’t think a Prince would look good hobbling around in one shoe.”

Tiny Story: Bewildered

The Dragon was seething.

She was left in the care of a woman who was always sleeping. She was alone and hungry, and had to live on the rats that roamed in the old castle.

She could not fathom why anyone would care to guard a castle who nobody lived in anymore. If only someone would let her out…

She tried to ask a few gentlemen who visited. But either they died on spot (and made a nice roasted meal, for a change) or ran away screaming about some monster. She wondered who the monster was. May be she could ask him to let her out…

Tiny Story: The Confessions

The Prince kissed the sleeping Princess anxiously. Nothing happened!

His Squire let out a breath of relief and said meaningfully, “I told you, she needs True Love’s first kiss!”

“I just needed to try. If the world’s most beautiful woman can’t make me fall in love with her…”

“Let’s get out before the dragon regains consciousness.”

“And go back where? To my parents who sent me on a quest to become Dragon fodder. They knew I can never marry her.”

(Hesitating) “Nobody needs to know we survived the quest… We can go away; buy a farm… I can help you run it. It will be a hard life though.”

“I don’t care about luxury. I will have you.”

“Me too!”

Fish in the Trees

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