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The Date: Wider Angle

“Yum. Looks delicious.”

“Darling, these denim stuff is quite unpalatable, I must tell you. And the plastic buttons are slow poison…”

“Can we try separating the man from the denim and plastic?”

“I don’t think it’s possible…anyway, I saw him share a drink with a girl at the camp last night.”

“No social distancing? Disgusting! I am so not having him. I tell you, these humans have no hygiene and no respect for animal rights.”

“I agree, Babe! I saw a herd of gazelle on the way. What do you think?”

(Sigh) Sure let’s! I’m starving. I’m sworn off ‘street food’ anyway until it’s safer.”

Photo by Harrison Hargrave on Unsplash

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My Neighbours: The Performers

Author’s note: More backyard news–A huge number of our neighbours have been knocking on our windows for various reasons. I have dedicated them a series.

My favourite Bulbul (Indian Nightingale) had been singing too many solos of late. I, as his dedicated fan, would stand at my window and watch him perform. But I was getting worried about his bachelor status and the desperation creeping up in his notes.

My star during his bachelor days
My star during his bachelor days

A few days back, I saw him take a quick bath in the famous birdbath across the street. A few minutes later, he was stalking another Bulbul from one tree to another. He would perch right next to her and she would fly away, then he would tail her closely. I wanted to tell him that it was creepy and rude, and a sure way to piss off girls, but well, what do I know of avian courtship rules? Anyway, it might not even be a girl…I mean, how would I know? There are no gender markers.

Yesterday, he knocked on my window in the afternoon–my star had brought a co-star along. He hopped back on the branch where she(?) was perched as I walked to my window with my camera. On the count of three, the rockstar couple started performing. They filled my room with Love-filled twittering for the next 9 minutes, while my husband sat with his headphones on, oblivious…

Their first duet inspired this poster. After lockdown ends, I’ll print it on T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs, and become a millionaire.

Star couple singing a duet
Star couple singing a duet
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The Quiet Morning

At dawn, I rise

hoping for a quiet morning,


A Myna in his best black coat

greets me with a knock

on my glass window.

Pigeons on the wires

with fluffed collars

murmur greetings.

A returning Bat

screeches Goodnight

as he swoops past the window.

On the tree next door,

a sleepy Owlet admonishes me

for sleeping all ‘day’.

Two Sparrows sit there

swapping the latest gossip.

A Parrot on the electric pole

squawks at the Crows

partying on the roof top

are loud enough

to raise the dead.

The Eagle on the water tower

is quiet though,

looking for breakfast amidst the row.

I quietly hum a tune to myself.

My mornings are quiet

but never silent…

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At Dusk

After a long day of chores

and heartbreaks,

I look out of the window for solace.



The Sun, now red

like ambers close to an end,

is washed by the ocean waves

of the thin wisps of clouds.


Kissed by the sleepy Sun,

the clouds blush.


The orange Moon,

hiding all day

from the burning anger

of her father,

now comes to face.


She sings quiet songs

made of silver beams

drowning away his rage.


He sleeps at the horizon,

in the arms of dark Night

to wake the next day.


With a quietened heart,

I now seek Hope—


will be a new day.

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The Mettle

I walk around the city

without purpose

drowning in gloom.

Long unemployment

Often does that to you.


Yellow flashes

in the corner of my vision

in a crack of the pavement

pulling me forward,

a marionette on strings.


A cluster of flowers,

smaller than my nail,

stand tall, smiling,

in a place

where stomping feet

can wipe them out



They care not,


in the face of adversity,

unlike me.

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The Delivery Guy

Authors note: I am trying a different genre now inspired by the Ellen’s Wonderfuss Faeries. You can visit her blog for a good laugh combined with Scottish mythology. I am fairly new at the genre though. Also, I am painting after 15 years. So, bear with me.

Bagula Saheb from his grumpy days

Meet Bagula Saheb, our resident delivery guy, He brought my daughter home three years back. For many years, he had been handling local deliveries on his own (Cranes usually manage the intercity stuff.)

But lately, he had been looking a little grumpy. I guess the constant work-related travel and the increasing pressure on his time was getting at him. I tried to talk to him but he just won’t stop, always crying “Busyyyyy! Busyyyyy!” Lately, the lockdown has locked the humans in their homes, and birds and animals have a free reign outdoors, more work seemed to be coming his way. So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw him approaching the higher-ups for help.

Bagula Saheb approaching the higher authorities
Bagula Saheb approaching the higher-ups

The result was heartening. He was instantly provided with a female colleague. Together, they were promised a brood of tiny apprentices to train in the coming months. Once ready, these apprentices will take most of the workload off his shoulders.

He seemed to be over the moon by the arrangement. I could hear him cackling with delight all night, earning him some very sleepy, grumpy and puffy-eyed neighbors. But well, who cares! Woohoo!

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The Kiss

The sky was dark

and the air charged

with the electric between us.

He leaned in until

his face touched mine.

I closed my eyes waiting.

His open lips shattered

my tough facade,

reaching my molten heart.

The universe witnessed

our union as

the Sky and Earth combined

under the blessed showers.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay