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Tiny Story: The Beginning

I wondered why my toe had begun to hurt last night while I was sleeping. It still hurt.

Then, my Bestie limped inside the college, having stubbed the same toe at the same moment.

We laughed at the strange ‘co-incidence’, not knowing it was only the beginning…

-Based on our true story (D & Me)

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Hurray: 50-Stories Old

So, here I am 50-stories old. Well, I had posted a couple of more, but I just realised that it is time to celebrate!

You: “What’s the big deal? It is just 50 x 2 lines!” (Most of my stories are 2-3 lines long.)

Me: Hey! I had also created 50 X 2 characters! For someone like me who had always believed that I lack imagination, it IS a quite a big deal! 😀

You: Not all your stories were good enough!

Me: They were at least there. I dared! 😁

Also, I have been blogging for nearly one and half years and still running in full steam! That ought to count too!

You: Okay, so how you want to do to celebrate?

Me: Well, I have already finished my wild dance alone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I was terrible…yet overjoyed. At least now that I have blurted it all out, I am so tired that I can sleep! YEEEEEEE! Or may be I need to dance a little more first!!! 💃

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Tiny Story: Kidnap

She trembled with fear as she hid behind the tree, her face covered with a ‘dupatta’. If only one of her children would come out…

Her youngest saw her and, before she could stop him, cried with delight, “Amma!” Knowing that she only had a few seconds, she snatched him and ran away from their tormentor… again.

Rest of her brood would have to wait until the next time.

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Tiny Story: The Silence

“Hey Girl!”


“What’s wrong?”


“I hope you did not give in to your mother’s threat. She thinks marrying a man will ‘cure’ you. But if you can’t bear the touch…”

(A gasp and silence)

“Look, I know! The entire group knows and we are okay!”

(A sigh and silence)

“I have a spare room if your mother doesn’t understand.”

(After a long silence) “Can you call an ambulance, fast?”

-Based on a true story

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An Old Mind

The greatest pain of old age…


By Hayley Reese Chow

I smile and tell the doctors I’m fine—no more voices, no hallucinations.

But in the darkness, I settle into my frayed armchair and wait. I twist the wedding band around my liver-spotted finger as the silence of the empty house stuffs my ears. Finally, I feel her butterfly touch alight on my shoulder.

“Frank, won’t you come to bed?” she coos. My damp eyes close as I savor the sound.

They say it’s an old mind’s delusion, but she feels real to me. So, the shadows keep my secret while the world sleeps, and I sit with my ghosts.

“I work numbers during the day and spill sentences in the wee hours of the night. Words that sit in the soul only go sour, and writing is the cheapest therapy there is.” – the author

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One year to Infinity

When I started blogging last year, I was a writer struggling to understand what to say and how to say it with zero knowledge of how to run a blog.

After one year, I am still clueless about how to run a blog but at least I am clear about what I wish to say and how I would say it–Found my niche’. So it’s a good start.

While reading other blog I realised why I am doing it– to converse with people who are NOT my family or close friends, because talking to strangers often brings more clarity in life than looking in the mirror.

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Tiny Story: ‘Sweet’-heart

As usual, he went to her cafe, asked for a pastry and sat there hoping she would notice him. It had been three months ever since the shop opened and she was always too busy to talk.

As usual, she brought his pastry to the table, unusually late though. She had decorated the icing on the top with tiny roses… and her phone number!

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Tiny Story: Dear Best Friend

There was a time when I would walk the road

Holding your hand in mine without a care in the world;

Laughing over nothing at all, looking at the shops

But thinking of only your hand in mine;

Believing that you belonged to me completely.

Giving you over to another willingly

Had hurt deeply, but I did it anyway;

Believing that a part of you still belonged to me;

Until you belonged to him completely;

Leaving my hand, my heart, my life behind.

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Tiny Story: Guilt Trip

Wife: I know the windows of the bus are broken but it is our only choice!

The husband hesitates.

Wife: I don’t think it was in any accident. It was probably vandalised by the mob during last riots.

Husband (hesitating): Do you think the driver will recognise…