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The Conversations

Each day, I’d wait

To savour your voice

Speaking of little things

That hardly mattered…

When you spoke of

Your undying love

For another,

My heart shattered.

Still I listened


Even then,

Only you mattered.

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Lost Chances

For an eternity

I swam alone

In shallow waters…


In wilderness,

Making splashes

As I went…


Or rode the winds,

Touched the clouds,

Raced the Sun…


Now I walk the streets

For the rest of forever.

Now I wonder…


If I should’ve

Done it together

With you

When I still had a chance…

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The Star

Under the stars,

You sit on your knees,

Hold my hand,

And beg me return,

Promising eternity again.

Other nights,

You shout profanities,

Ordering me to leave again.


I wake up

Drenched in tears,

Wishing these nightmares away.

You still star in my dreams,

My love…

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Weird Nostalgia

Let’s get it out of the way straight away–I am a clingy person…in a very weird sense. I cling to the memories…real and imagined…often not able to sort which is real and which is imagined.

Even my dreams are like that. I dream of old ‘friends’ telling me they miss me and after a few reruns (repeated dreams or thinking about it), I start believing it. Then I want to meet them, and find out that they don’t give a damn!

Not sure, but I think it has something to do with the loneliness I have dealt with during childhood. My father was transferred from one place to another often, and I and my brother kept changing cities with him. I was friendly but building relationships takes time, and time was not a luxury I had. While everyone else stayed with their childhood circle, I was constantly on the move, leaving potential friends behind.

I was and am still jealous of all those who could go back to their home town to meet old friends. I have nobody.

This Monday, I just came back after a month-long vacation at my parent’s home. I could only bully one friend to come and meet. Everyone else was busy. It was lonely…

Lately, I have been having more dreams/memories of ‘lost love’. But I am wary now. I can’t trust my own brain. Not sure if I had a brain short circuit due to all the emotional overload since I read too many novels about true friends and love.

Any advice?