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Women’s Day Is Not Just for Women

Women’s day is not just about empowering woman. It is about celebrating equality of all genders!

We live in a world where women create software, missiles and rockets, and men give birth to babies (yes, it is true!). It is crucial that we accept the changing gender roles as a way of life and not as exceptions.

We need to sensitize men that household chores don’t make them any less of a man. After all, a man can be a cook in a 7-star hotel, a janitor in a building, a taxi driver or a teacher, or run a laundry and still be a man. Why do the same chores at home make him feminine?

We need to teach both our sons and daughters how to cook, clean and drive; to respect all the three (yes, three!) genders; and to stand up against any shit from anyone against anyone, be that a woman or a man or LGBTQ; Above all, we need to stop teaching them “boys don’t cry”, “woman are the weaker gender”, “gays are to be laughed on”.

We can only do this by setting the example first. Let us start by sharing responsibilities with our spouses, respecting them for their effort and helping them without putting that across as a favour.  After all, when a mother flies to space for an year or goes to work every day, someone has to look after the children. Why can’t that be the father?

–Dedicated to all people who are breaking the gender barriers