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From the Eyes of the Beholder

“There amid the blue flowers, fair as the flowers themselves, sat the lady of my dreams. Her eyes, black as midnight, dreamt on as she held the petals close to her heart. Her long hair and shimmery wings ruffled in the wind, thrumming my heart strings.

And, in that moment, I fell in love with the fairy.”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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1st Re-birthday Celebration

Stats: 1 year, 300+ Posts, 5600+ Views, 186 Followers


Fish in the Trees is my alter ego. It stands for my unique position as a true Gemini. (Ever saw that horoscope picture with two people looking in different directions? That’s me.) I have always been looking in two directions or more–trying to see both sides of the coin, skewing my perspective like a fish-eye lens. I have a traditional small-town upbringing, but am plagued with question-itis (the habit of asking pain-in-the-ass questions) and conform-o-phobia (the fear of conforming with status quo). My blog follows suit.

It makes both of us forever misfits, like a shellfish in the trees.

Fish in the trees only had five posts till mid-last year, all of which I deleted. On the night of 15th June last year, I decided to rebirth this site and moved in stuff from my earlier site Fly on the Wall (that no one read). Since then, I have written every week, twice a week, daily… Yup! I’m that crazy!

Now after one year, here are 10 posts that I am proud of…okay 18…It is rather difficult to pick your favourite child, and I have over 300.


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My Neighbours: The Gymnast

During lockdown, a lot of my neighbours have been knocking on my window.

This guy wasn’t one of them. He was just minding his own business. Meet Chatters–our neighbour squirrel on the way to becoming a whale.

He lives on the tree next to our window and had been eating constantly all summer last year, all winter (I don’t think he can deal with hibernation– no food for four months!), all spring this year and now half the summer.

He started a puny little thing and looked cute munching on the flowers. But he ate…and ate…and I started wondering how he can climb up and down the tree with so much food in his system. So, when I saw him hanging upside down on the tree branch, I was sure he had taken up Yoga to lose some weight.

But alas, he was chewing the dried beans from the tree. So much for losing weight.

In that moment, he reminded me a lot of another rodent who hangs upside down in the next tree. So far, I had believed that bats were flying rats…but all of a sudden, I could see the family resemblance, the thin fingers holding the branches tightly, the cute puppy face (until you see the teeth), the pointy ears and beady eyes.

As I saw Chatters, still hanging upside down, eyeing Kohl, the pretty lady hanging on the next tree, I wondered if he was trying to impress; as Kohl eyed him right back, whether we’ll see some ‘flying squirrels’ in the coming months…

james-wainscoat-PBXY8xwqvSI-unsplash (1)

What do you say?

Photo of the bat by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

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All night, I sat by the calm sea,

a place untouched by pain or ecstasy,

moonlit with the cool charm of nothingness.

At dawn, I saw you,

warm and sweet.

Entranced, I took wings.

As you drew closer, I pushed

to close the miles between.

My wings ached.

Your bright halo

burnt through my sight

but losing your light scared me.

Searing heat burnt me

but I was a marionette on strings.

Pain unknown assaulted me.

Reason told me to turn back.

Still, ecstatic to reach you,

I inched forward

until I was but ashes…

that were far beneath you…