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Who am I?

As an Instructional Designer, I am a full time Super Hero! I save the world from the boring, never-ending and ineffective training courses. I create learning material in simple, crisp and effective English and present it in an interesting manner that (I hope!) makes you hope for a Season Two.

I am a wordy person who is paid to ‘reduce the word-load on readers’! The irony reflects in my writing style that embodies “Less is more”. I mostly write about emotions and people.

Being a Start-up at motherhood means you get to hear loads of cribbing around the challenges.


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6 million+ years on land: Still finding new species of animals, birds and insects

3300+ years of sea faring: Still finding new marine animals

60 years in the space that houses billions of stars without a visit to any other planet or star: Claiming that there are neither aliens nor God

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Answering Socrates (Read @Inkbiotic)

Inkbiotic had asked a few questions last week and I had been itching to answer them. So here I come…

1. What recurring dream do you have? Do you know why?

I often often see myself roaming around on a mountain road leading to a mysterious temple that has a lift that takes me to a place where loads of souls are peacefully going on with their lives… Or the lack of it! Not sure why I see this though.

2. If you could choose any name for yourself, what would you choose?

Dawn, for then I will be able to see the dawn (in a mirror) without having to wake up early

3. What’s the weirdest fact you know?

That ghosts exist

4. What’s a secret about you that no one would ever guess?

That I LOVE my alone-time (a rare occasion in my current stage of motherhood) since I am such a blabber

5. Do you prefer to stride or amble? Why?

Amble so that I can enjoy every sound and sight and journey is as memorable as the destination

6. Name a small thing that made you smile today?

I go to my roof daily to get a dose of vitamin D early in the day and see quite a few birds. Most of my life I had seen only sparrows, grey crows and rock pigeons, but this area houses so many different species of birds that I have seen a new species/sub-species after every couple of days since March.

7. What made you want to write or keep a blog?

Like every other human, my desire to be heard by willing ears

8. What was your best decision ever?

To start writing tiny stories (2-3 line stories)

9. What could have gone wrong today, but didn’t? It can be as serious or ridiculous as you want.

I could have woken up to find out that today was not Sunday but Monday, and I had overslept and missed work.

10. For a week you can have any job you want and be good and successful at it, what do you choose?

I would be a vet.

11. What’s the most inexplicable thing that’s ever happened to you?

I moved in a house where I had goosebumps the moment I stepped in. I felt an angry presence all the time. A few times, things changed their place/position on their own. I just reminded myself that everybody(?) had a right to live their own lives(?) and continued our peaceful(?) co-existence.