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The Witness

The group of seven around a bonfire saw the three men drag her, drugged and unconscious, towards a lonely part of the beach.

They decided it was a good time to check their nails and, then, go back to their rooms quietly.

A true incident told to me by one of the witness

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The Yearning

He reflected over his life with pride as he drove to office: a high ranking job, rich wife, children, vacations in exotic locales…
His eyes drifted towards the side of the road where children dressed in rags played with an old bicycle tire laughing with abandon. He felt a pang of jealousy!

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At 60, when my attendant went MIA after my Cataract surgery, I grappled around the hospital with bandaged eyes wondering, “Has my life finally ended in a lonely ditch?”

Then I heard a booming voice with a hint of mirth that said, “Hey Beautiful! Need help getting around?”

And I thought, “Maybe not!”

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Frogs and Love

This post is now part of a short-story collection available in print and ebook. I will upload the links soon.


By Shaily Agrawal

At the old age home, fingers entwined, they recounted their story to the volunteers.

Debra: It was 1959. I was at the city fountain, and like all women of my age, making a wish to find true love.

Suddenly a guy bumped into me, looking scared and mortified. His fiancée was holding a frog from the fountain and laughing.

It was love at first sight.

Emma: Next day, a jar with a frog spawn sat at my doorstep with a note: “Seems like you were kissing the wrong frog, Princess. Coffee at 4, City fountain?”

We never looked back.

“So many stories are waiting to be told. So I hold the pen and let the stories write themselves.” – the writer

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