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Blogging: Two Hundred Likes

YEEEEEEE! Two hundred likes!

I know most people might consider it a low score. But considering I had 3 likes 3 months back when I decided to give blogging a real try, it is quite an impressive score for me.

I want to thank everyone who read my stories.

I would also welcome any criticism. We have a saying in India: ‘Nindak niyare raakhiye…’ that means ‘Keep a critique close because they clean your impurities’. So I urge you to share your thoughts about how you felt about my stories, my site and how I could improve.

I would like to thank BeateleyPete for his timely blogging advice about adding my site to my Gravatar. It skyrocketed the number of followers from 10 to 40 in one month!


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Hurray: 50-Stories Old

So, here I am 50-stories old. Well, I had posted a couple of more, but I just realised that it is time to celebrate!

You: “What’s the big deal? It is just 50 x 2 lines!” (Most of my stories are 2-3 lines long.)

Me: Hey! I had also created 50 X 2 characters! For someone like me who had always believed that I lack imagination, it IS a quite a big deal! 😀

You: Not all your stories were good enough!

Me: They were at least there. I dared! 😁

Also, I have been blogging for nearly one and half years and still running in full steam! That ought to count too!

You: Okay, so how you want to do to celebrate?

Me: Well, I have already finished my wild dance alone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I was terrible…yet overjoyed. At least now that I have blurted it all out, I am so tired that I can sleep! YEEEEEEE! Or may be I need to dance a little more first!!! 💃

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One year to Infinity

When I started blogging last year, I was a writer struggling to understand what to say and how to say it with zero knowledge of how to run a blog.

After one year, I am still clueless about how to run a blog but at least I am clear about what I wish to say and how I would say it–Found my niche’. So it’s a good start.

While reading other blog I realised why I am doing it– to converse with people who are NOT my family or close friends, because talking to strangers often brings more clarity in life than looking in the mirror.