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The Apocalypse

The Devil lost in thought

addressed a full court,

“How did I wipe out

the human kind?”

An answer so simple

had escaped his

“oh-so-male” mind

for so many millennia.

Grand schemes he tried–

deals, wars, atom bombs,

biological weaponary–

but failed. And then…

“I chanced upon a look

into a woman’s mind,

the perfect weapon I find.”

Demons, his subjects

stirred with excitement,

“Was she a super villain?”

“Naah, just a regular girl

having her first menstruation…”

Silence ensued at the declaration.

“You see,

humans shame their women

about their menstruation.

The topic–a taboo–

makes turns women

into second-class citizens,

for the duration.

They bear the pain

and the shame

together as if a sin.

Even a drop brings

public humiliation.

It drives all woman,

dead or alive,

at some point in life,

to wish they

never had menstruation.

I just granted that wish!”



I am an Instructional Designer, avid reader, small-town woman and working mother with a fish-eye perspective. I have just published my first book, The Forest Bed and other short stories. If you like my stories on this blog, feel free to Like, Comment, Reblog and Share. You can reach me at or through my Facebook page

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