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Too Pink

Awoke in a world too Pink–

an Alice in Wonderland

kind-of dream…

a world I’d never fit in,

that doesn’t let me grow,

or have a voice,

forced on me

by the virtue of my gender–

the one I had no choice in.

Scared in extreme, I wake up,

still trapped

in a world too Pink…

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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All night, I sat by the calm sea,

a place untouched by pain or ecstasy,

moonlit with the cool charm of nothingness.

At dawn, I saw you,

warm and sweet.

Entranced, I took wings.

As you drew closer, I pushed

to close the miles between.

My wings ached.

Your bright halo

burnt through my sight

but losing your light scared me.

Searing heat burnt me

but I was a marionette on strings.

Pain unknown assaulted me.

Reason told me to turn back.

Still, ecstatic to reach you,

I inched forward

until I was but ashes…

that were far beneath you…

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Pretty Woman

hrayr-movsisyan-J3nHfF6TIwQ-unsplash (1)

There she was,

looking fresh out of the bath,

dressed in her red

that quickened

the pace of my heart,

sitting at her favourite spot.

I wondered


she’ll notice me today,

sitting next to her

for the nth time this year.

She winked

at the passing Porsche,

crushing my hopes.

Well, perhaps tomorrow…

Photo by Hrayr Movsisyan on Unsplash