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The Apocalypse

The Devil lost in thought

addressed a full court,

“How did I wipe out

the human kind?”

An answer so simple

had escaped his

“oh-so-male” mind

for so many millennia.

Grand schemes he tried–

deals, wars, atom bombs,

biological weaponary–

but failed. And then…

“I chanced upon a look

into a woman’s mind,

the perfect weapon I find.”

Demons, his subjects

stirred with excitement,

“Was she a super villain?”

“Naah, just a regular girl

having her first menstruation…”

Silence ensued at the declaration.

“You see,

humans shame their women

about their menstruation.

The topic–a taboo–

makes turns women

into second-class citizens,

for the duration.

They bear the pain

and the shame

together as if a sin.

Even a drop brings

public humiliation.

It drives all woman,

dead or alive,

at some point in life,

to wish they

never had menstruation.

I just granted that wish!”