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Guroor (Pride): Sher

Sir jhukaye, asman ko neelam lutaate dekhta hu,

Sharm he ki hatheliya dua me khulne nahi deti.


Head bent, I look at the sapphires falling from skies above.

Pride forces my palms in pockets, ashamed to spread heavenwards and collect.


Author’s note:

In Urdu poetry, a Sher is a couplet, where two lines present one thought or story.

I run another site with urdu poetry and I’m moving my work here gradually. I will translate the pieces, but not verbatim since it seems impossible without breaking the spirit of the piece.

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Why Do We Need a Pride Month?

The fact that we need a Pride month is a matter of shame for us all.

Did you know that around 5% of population across that world has a problem with gender identity. You say, “Well, I’ve never seen anyone…” That’s because they are foresaken by their families upon birth, killed, left in orphanages, handed over to the LGBTQ+ societies in your area or their families hide their ‘defect’…

The fact that we need a Pride month is a matter of shame for us all

because it means we are still not treating people right;

That we need a whole month every year to remind ourselves that people who are different deserve an equal footing;

That we still forget that gender is not black and white but hues of rainbow;

That people are commiting suicide every year because they are pushed to marry the ‘wrong’ gender to prove they are ‘normal’ and those who resort to violence to prove they are ‘man enough’;

That there are sports for women and sports for men, and people who are allowed to enter none;

That there are people who laugh at those who wear their colours with pride;

That every year, too many children are forced to drop out of school because they can’t deal with the physical, mental and emotional abuse by their classmates and teachers alike;

That we are still teaching our sons that boys don’t cry and daughters that girls don’t talk back;

That we are raising another generation that is just as unforgiving to those who don’t fit in the unyeilding boxes of gender roles…

The fact that we need a Pride month is a matter of shame for us all…

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The Snowflake


“I don’t know what the Captain was thinking, dropping me and taking another goalie? I’m the best this school has ever seen. Heck! I’m the best in the country!

I’m sure, he’s jealous! His girl has the hots for me, you know. Or maybe, he’s afraid I’ll replace him as a Captain. He’s been trying to discredit me for so long.

You saw him the other day during the match. I was telling that Centre Forward how to hold his stick properly and the Captain jumped out of his pants shouting on the top of his lungs. Even the Coach sided by him, telling me it wasn’t my place and sent me back to the goal. There have been so many incidents like that. And now this!

You are my only hope, sir. As the Principal of our school, I trust you would not let jealousy stand in the way of the next Miracle.”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay