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The Hoax

It took her two hours to accept that he stood her up. For the first time in their two-year relationship, he hadn’t turned up.

As she sat at the empty table, she had to admit she wasn’t shocked. Ever since she gave him the ‘news’ of her ‘pregnancy’ over the phone, he sounded distant. Later when she called for a date, he was too busy, which was a first too. But she insisted to meet anyway, hoping to end the hoax-gone-wrong in-person. But now, he was MIA.

She cursed her best friend for suggesting such a joke. The idiot always had a thing against her man. But even she had hoped he might consider marriage. All it did was push him away instead.

Well, she’d just go to his apartment and tell him the truth. She’d apologize for upsetting him…

That’s when she realized the joke was on her…

The first tear rolled down…

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