Hi All, One of my older stories was published on Drabble.com, a website that specialises in quality short stories.

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The Road

Loved this post because it is straight from the heart.

A Life Dismantled sifting through the decades of accumulated stuff must haves in the moment diamonds in the rough for those timeless treasures, only bubble wrap will do shake the dust and cobwebs off comfy well worn shoes gently slip the photographs from old broken frames happy memories mingling with faces with no names shedding […]

via A Life Dismantled — like mercury colliding…


A Life Dismantled — like mercury colliding…

I love this blog and recommend to anyone with slightest interest in Art, Mythology or Humor because Ellen has mixed it all in the most delicious way. I follow her religiously and miss when she takes breaks between posts.

You can find and follow her on Facebook as well as her WordPress blog.

An ogre came up with the title for this ‘bloggut’. They can be oddly poetic when they’re not regurgitating tractors. He visited me two years ago, gifting me a rather startled mole that was trying to burrow into his ear. The mole was merely a furry pea on his finger, and has since disappeared into […]

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The Beginning of Blogland — Ellen’s Wonderfuss Faeries