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The Gamble

She stepped in the ‘mandapa’ trembling in anticipation of seeing him for the first time but a ‘sehera’ covered his face.

He looked at her eagerly but her face was veiled.

So, they wait until they are bound together forever.

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Tiny Story: Cast Away

She was a torn garment, not worth mending.

After her husband crossed, his family cast her away to her old home.

Her parents cast her away to the backyard storeroom.

And now, the river had cast away her empty shell to the shore.

-Hindu widows, traditionally, give up all pleasures in life: good food, good clothes, music and human company. Often, they are dumped in widow homes and take up begging to survive. Not allowed to remarry, a lot of them choose to die instead.

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History: Sati

Stirred by the burning sensation, she had come back from her grief-filled fog. She realised her clothes were dripping with oil; and she was burning on her dead husband’s pyre.

She tried to escape but her relatives pushed her back in until she stopped moving, all on the pretext of reuniting her with her husband.