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Secure and cozy for years

Until a moment of wind

Severed the ropes

that grounded me.

I tumbled around

In unchartered lands

Of the Unknown.

Shaking uncontrollably,

Scared to the core,

I rolled…

I rose…

I fell…

I flew…

Free for the first time…

Free photo by Hedi Alija on Unsplash

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You picked my pieces

from the ruins,

dreaming to put me


on the pedestal

of perfection–

A place where I could

never belong.

Angry, you pushed me

off the pedestal

Shattering me into

Countless pieces

of heart.

Every day.

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All week long,

the nagging voice

in my head kept saying,

“Stop fighting.

You aren’t getting anywhere.”


I replied her,

“Stop fighting.

You aren’t getting anywhere.”

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You’re always in the room,

never in the plain sight.

I see you hiding behind the peripheral vision

in the corner of my eyes,

where yesterdays mixes with todays,

where lines of the worlds fade,

and you stand with disapproving silence

at my childish ways,

ungracefulness, wrinkles, greys,…

judging anything that I do,

no matter what I do

to please.

I carry on the facade

as if I don’t see you

frowning, shaking your head,

in every moment of my life,

wake and dreams alike…

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After the Storm

The storm is long gone

leaving behind in rubbles

my life.

I have picked up pieces

and started over,

rebuilding the haven for my heart.

My walls are stronger.

Doors shut tighter.

Built no windows

to keep love out.

Let the people whisper,

let the friends knock,

no one crosses the threshold.

I leave my hearth stone-cold.

I’m a fortress–I’m cold.

I’m safe from hope.

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You See Me

You see me!

I try to hide

the black shadows beneath my eyes

behind layers and layers of masks–

the poker face;

the impersonal nod;

the practical discussion

of returning belongings;

the frown;

the anger;

the layers and layers of accusations;

the pointing finger;

the clenched fists;

the huffed walking out–

the many masks I use to hide

the pain behind my eyes

that rakes my heart and questions my being,

bridled losely by my need to survive…

But you see me through the facade

and give that smug smile

that shows you know how well you’ve hurt me

and you’re fine with the price…