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Different lights

Today, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and decided to spend a bit of time lying down in the sun. As a result, I got to see a lot of flying bird underbellies. The Indian crows look Majestic from below, considering their underbelly is all black as compared to their grey upper body. The green pigeon’s green is even more evident from below. A pied myna’s all-white belly takes away all the resemblance from its family.

It also reminded me of perspectives and how things change from the way we look at them. The same person is different in different settings–a corporate stiff-board, a vicious manager, a caring colleague, cheerful friend, a loving parent, a happy neighbour, a demanding spouse, a playful sibling and a loyal child…the same person, looked at from different angles. How many lives do we live in a day?

Does that make us Chameleons?

What do you think?

What is the light you wish to be seen in?

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Funny Weather

We are experiencing the weirdest February weather ever. Usually February are sunny and warm enough to chuck the sweater and go around in plain clothes.

But this year, we have the kind of fog that puts early January to shame. In the morning till 11 am, I can’t see the trees across the road. I wash clothes shivering in my double layer of sweaters praying for the sun. Water drips from the wet clothes in the process of hanging them on the roof. I, too, am wet. There is no hope for me getting dry here, so I walk down two floors, head hung in dejection.

Then the Sun shines and hides, shines and hides, and shines and hides. And then, once it is out at 1 pm, the roof is hot enough to turn egg into an omelette. I have to chuck all sweaters and run in the shade downstairs to avoid a heatstroke!

Not sure whether the weather is doing it on purpose. All I can say is, “Haha! Very funny!”

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Where Do Babies Come From?

The question is a parent’s nightmare. Most of us avoid it as long as we can and try alternate theories, like pollination by bees. 🐝

One such theory is stork bringing babies home. 🐣 I have used it successfully for the past couple of years, thanks to the inspiration and visual support by Disney cartoons. (Dumbo really nailed it.) But now, as my daughter nears her fourth birthday, the questions about logistics are becoming increasingly difficult.

  • How does the crane travel through a storm? 🌧
  • How does he track moms at hospital? πŸ₯
  • How does he deliver bird eggs without breaking them? 🐣
  • Why some eggs that he delivers do not have babies and are okay to eat? πŸ₯š
  • How does he carry elephant babies who are too heavy for him? 🐘
  • How does he drop lice eggs in people’s hair without anyone seeing him? 🐜
  • Why we can never see the baby pouch it is holding. πŸ‘Ά
  • How does he open locked windows? πŸ’₯πŸ’«

And last week, a relative’s daughter found out about babies in mama’s stomach. I am afraid she will drop the bomb soon and I will have to deal with the corresponding questions. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠI am wondering which tactic to try if it comes to that. The simple XX Chromosome meets XY theory leads to too many uncomfortable questions about the logistics. 😰

  • Feign Ignorance πŸ€”: She would wonder if I am a competent mother. She has higher expectations.
  • Deny everything πŸ€“: It is only a matter of time until she will ask someone who confirms the theory. She is persistent.
  • Admit Lying πŸ€₯: She would wonder why I lied, leading to more probing questions. Her questions can put Socrates to shame.

So, I am feeling completely clueless and incompetent as to how to deal with the impending onslaught. 😡

Too much to consider.

Any suggestions?

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My art work near you

Hi All, M, my bestie, is running digital art business. If you or your contacts wish to get soft copy or print of your favourite picture with digital effects, check this post.

Ammpryt ART

Hi All!

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Thank you 😊

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Unintended Consequences

Payback time…

Tiny Tales

I took my morning coffee to the balcony and looked out over the swaying trees as I sat and sipped. Living in the forest was as pleasant as I had always thought it would be. Peaceful. Calming. Once you got past the fact that just last week my apartment had been in the center of an urban tangle of cement and metal.

A shiver ran through the red leaves. It wasn’t autumn. They were just angry. A lamppost on the street corner sparked and collapsed with a creak of rending metal.

The best and the brightest had put their heads together, deciding that what we needed in the age of deforestation and ozone-shrinkage was the fastest-growing, strongest, tallest, most oxygen-rich tree ever, and they were going to make it. They’d succeeded.

Sentience had been an unintended side effect.

It had been on the news as the greatest discovery of our…

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Secure and cozy for years

Until a moment of wind

Severed the ropes

that grounded me.

I tumbled around

In unchartered lands

Of the Unknown.

Shaking uncontrollably,

Scared to the core,

I rolled…

I rose…

I fell…

I flew…

Free for the first time…

Free photo by Hedi Alija on Unsplash

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It has been too long–a life of waiting and moving without my own wish. It is always the guys without the white cap who decide the destination. It is always some boring parking lot with too many black and grey cars like me.

No pink eye candy, no sexy red…

I like my guy better. He is the one with the cap, who cleans and feeds me. Mostly, he just holds the doors and turns the steering wheel according to what the no cap guys decide. But on Sundays, he takes me to those wonderful lots bustling with cars–blue, green, yellow, pink…ahhh! heaven! He ensures I sit next to a nice car, pats me and leaves me to play for hours as he goes to shop with his family. It almost makes up for my entirely boring existence.


It is Wednesday and I am almost dying of boredom. Sunday seems so far…

Free image by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

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Republic Day What?

Today is 26th Jan, India’s Republic Day–the day when we adopted our Constitution that proclaimed that we were a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic, Republic, giving all of its people equality and the freedom of life, belief, expression and speech. It became the basis of all our laws and guiding light for our judiciary. Ever since I have learnt about it, I have been in awe of those who drafted it…

Until our political parties decided that it wasn’t necessary to follow through the promise. Right now, Indian political scenario is anything but equal or free. All our major parties thrive on racism alone. There are Hindu parties and Muslim parties. And then there are parties for lower caste and upper caste hindus, and then are parties for Tamilians and Bengalis and Kashmiris…

Where is the party to represent India, I wonder? Right now, only one political party that contests elections on development issues alone–Aam Admi Party (AAP). All the others, whether ruling or not, collect votes in the name of fighting for temples and mosques.

Riots are always hiding in the corner waiting to happen. One word against the ruling party, you are declared a Traitor and Pakistani, and you will either be trolled and attacked until you hide in a closet, or thrown in Jail for something ridiculous like killing a man of your own religion during last riots, or you will simply be disposed off. If you kill a Muslim, he/she was a terrorist.

Where is the Constitution? What are we celebrating today?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country. I have seen it enough to feel it in my blood. That is why it hurts to see it go down the sewer in the past seven years. I hope we return to the normal loving country we were once. I hope we become a Secular Democratic Republic again.

Happy Republic Day! I hope it becomes one.

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Thank you!

Three years back, a colleague, Insiya, asked me why I do not write apart from work. I told her, I do not have the creativity in language; that I am too simplistic and minimalistic.

She said, “You have perspective, and simple is a style too.”

Thank you, Insiya. I needed that push.

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This one is for the unsung heroes of the world. Let’s make their lives easier…Stay safe. Save lives. Be a hero.

Don Ostertag: Off Stage


This photo says more than anything I could ever write about the year 2020

Phil is one of the millions of Front Line heroes, around the world, risking their lives to fight for our safety, to help bring back the normalcy we had less than a year ago.

Phil is a medic in England, but he represents, in my belief,

Medics, First Responders, Essential Workers, Teachers, etc.

in every county.

Truly, a united world wide fight.

And these Phils have families

Loved ones.

Some who work also on the Front Line.

Some who stay back

and support their Front Line Heroes.

This photo of Phil was taken by his loving and supporting wife, Fraggle, a professional photographer, who captures amazing art in her photos. More of her art can be seen in her WP Blog:

This is what she wrote to accompany her photo:

β€˜Our year has been…

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Indian Snowman

Lately, my daughter asked me when we’ll have snowfall. She wanted to build a snowman that she had seen it in the cartoons.

But we live in temperate zone and never see snow unless we travel all the way to the mountains. So, together we built an Indian Snowman…the Orange man! He looks rather sunny, I’d say.

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Additions to the Ranch

Lately, their have been further additions to my daughter’s 1m x 1m ranch. The last time I posted, she already created super-beings like Dragons and Dinosaurs, who crunched on our furniture and hovered around our heads, and I was beginning to worry about world safety. Now she has moved her exploration to the smaller variety of creepy-crawler type.

Let me introduce you to her only invertebrate pet. He walks all day and doesn’t stop to talk much since it is such a waste of breath. So, we never got around to making introductions.

Her first amphibian is rather a shy person and prefers to hide under his shell all day. It is a wise choice considering the other pets my daughter is creating

This is “Hisssss”(that’s the only name he can pronounce). He joined our ranch last week and has been after Mathew and his progeny ever since. Mathew has been complaining about animal rights and about our prior peace treaty. I told him the clause about “not buying poison” does not include “not inviting snakes”.

These mommy and baby crocodiles have been complaining about the lack of a fish tank in our house from day one and we are hard-pressed to buy one to stop them from eating our other pets. They have also requested for a plover bird to clean their teeth. Talk about high maintenance pets!

There are also some animals from the cute variety.

Here’s the rabbit who has been hiding in my iron safe ever since the snake and crocs appeared.

Caribou, the red-nosed reindeer, is on a vacation before Christmas.

We are expecting some winter guests soon including Flamingos and Cranes. I’ll let you know if they turn up.