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Dogs & Consent — The Thinking Dog

All in? Have you ever picked up a small dog or a puppy? (Of course you have!) Did you ask for their consent first? The first time I really thought about dogs consenting was when I read Gregory Berns’ How Dogs Love Us. He was very careful to ensure that all the dogs participating in […]

Dogs & Consent — The Thinking Dog

As someone who loves and is popular with dogs, I agree with this article by Pam. I would never pet a dog without their consent. But what does consent mean in doggie language? Read the short article.



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4 thoughts on “Dogs & Consent — The Thinking Dog

  1. It’s a good article, with very sensible advice. I have noticed that 99% of the people (including children) who want to stroke Ollie will ask if it is allowed. This wasn’t the case when I was young, and I was bitten more than once by dogs I tried to stroke.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. 🙂 I see the resentment in my daughter when family members try to kiss her or hold her without her consent. Most people don’t understand but she feels powerless against adults and hence, fights back by crying, which is her most powerful weapon. 😀 I try to make others understand but…

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