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Republic Day What?

Today is 26th Jan, India’s Republic Day–the day when we adopted our Constitution that proclaimed that we were a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Democratic, Republic, giving all of its people equality and the freedom of life, belief, expression and speech. It became the basis of all our laws and guiding light for our judiciary. Ever since I have learnt about it, I have been in awe of those who drafted it…

Until our political parties decided that it wasn’t necessary to follow through the promise. Right now, Indian political scenario is anything but equal or free. All our major parties thrive on racism alone. There are Hindu parties and Muslim parties. And then there are parties for lower caste and upper caste hindus, and then are parties for Tamilians and Bengalis and Kashmiris…

Where is the party to represent India, I wonder? Right now, only one political party that contests elections on development issues alone–Aam Admi Party (AAP). All the others, whether ruling or not, collect votes in the name of fighting for temples and mosques.

Riots are always hiding in the corner waiting to happen. One word against the ruling party, you are declared a Traitor and Pakistani, and you will either be trolled and attacked until you hide in a closet, or thrown in Jail for something ridiculous like killing a man of your own religion during last riots, or you will simply be disposed off. If you kill a Muslim, he/she was a terrorist.

Where is the Constitution? What are we celebrating today?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country. I have seen it enough to feel it in my blood. That is why it hurts to see it go down the sewer in the past seven years. I hope we return to the normal loving country we were once. I hope we become a Secular Democratic Republic again.

Happy Republic Day! I hope it becomes one.



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