Story: Bird Watching


“They all look pretty in the morning light but the white one looks awesome.”

“Naah! I like the grey one better.”

“Of course you do. You wear that color in all seasons.”

“Likewise, bro. It’s time I fluff my collar. It always gets their attention.”

“You already have her attention, dude. The way she’s looking at you…

“What are you talking about? She’s looking at that black thing she’s holding in her wings. What is it?”

“Silly, it’s a ‘khamera’. She is looking at you through it.

“Why does she need a ‘khamera’ to look? Does she have bad eyes?”

“Not sure…”

“Well, I’d rather impress someone with good eyes. What about that red one.”

“She’s mine.”

“Dude, you always take the best humans. Not fair!”

Image by Free-Photos