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Tattoos and Difficult Clients

Mehendi is a lost art…

Okay, not entirely lost, but it is certainly changed quite a lot. Mehendi tattoos are a pain (only) in the ass because of sitting ducks for hours. You can’t even twiddle thumbs. The traditional subjects for the designs include flowers, peacocks, plants and marriage. But the new generation has changed that.

I made my 4-year old daughter’s Mehendi tattoos a couple of days back on the occasion of Eid. Any guess on the subject?

Right hand (my fault): Before, After and Between

What better way to give your child a Maths lesson that sticks, literally? The numbers are mostly illegible, thanks to my superior(?) skills with Mehendi cones, but well, it served the purpose. In case you are worried, it will wash off within a couple of weeks. 🤣

Left Hand: Kung Fu Panda and Furious Five

It all started with a random doll and a beaver that my daughter took fancy on. But beavers live near rivers that have fishes and octopus, and they need trees to gnaw. And then, gnawed trees could fall on little dolls. (Please don’t ask me to label the characters. It is too embarrassing. 😁)

So, Po, the Panda Dragon Warrior, had to come for rescue along with the Furious Five–Monkey, Viper, Mantis and Tigress. I know, there are only four here because Crane decided to stay back to take care of the old Master Shifu (Pssss, I forgot both of them but don’t tell my daughter that.).

Overall, my client was satisfied and declared her Mehendi better than mine, which was, I guess, the best praise I could expect.

What do you think?

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Tiny Story: The Dream

His willowy wife slept in his arms but his sleep was gone after the nightmare: a girl in white–with a stocky frame, unimpressive black hair and eyes, and laughter lines–looked at him with a thousand accusations in her eyes as he stood at the back of the church. She, then, took vows with another man.

His heart felt hollow.

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Tiny Stories: The Excuse

“I went to pluck the magical rose but a Lion as huge as a mountain was guarding it. He said, ‘Don’t you dare pluck it.’ So I knocked the Lion out cold in one punch. His teeth bruised my knuckles though.” said the three-year old, explaining his bruises to his mother.

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Hurray: 50-Stories Old

So, here I am 50-stories old. Well, I had posted a couple of more, but I just realised that it is time to celebrate!

You: “What’s the big deal? It is just 50 x 2 lines!” (Most of my stories are 2-3 lines long.)

Me: Hey! I had also created 50 X 2 characters! For someone like me who had always believed that I lack imagination, it IS a quite a big deal! 😀

You: Not all your stories were good enough!

Me: They were at least there. I dared! 😁

Also, I have been blogging for nearly one and half years and still running in full steam! That ought to count too!

You: Okay, so how you want to do to celebrate?

Me: Well, I have already finished my wild dance alone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I was terrible…yet overjoyed. At least now that I have blurted it all out, I am so tired that I can sleep! YEEEEEEE! Or may be I need to dance a little more first!!! 💃