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The Critics

“That angel smile is so fake. She threw the basin at me right before the session with the artist!”

“And that dress and hat are so yesterday, though they costed a small fortune!”

“Well, it’s a small price to keep a wife, who’s half your age, happy.”

“I can’t believe she painted her lips mauve. Even the queen couldn’t get away with that! And I wouldn’t even look at that mop of hair. ”

“If I had such unlimited access to makeup, I’d look far better.”

“Did you know she’s having an affair with the artist?”

“No way! Who told you?”

“I saw it while I waited on them everyday at the dinner. The looks they gave each other across the table…” (fanning her face)

“Well, I did wonder why he gave her the rose she’s holding.”

“He’s probably only after her money.”

“Sigh! If only I had that kind of money…”

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

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Tiny Story: The Silence

“Hey Girl!”


“What’s wrong?”


“I hope you did not give in to your mother’s threat. She thinks marrying a man will ‘cure’ you. But if you can’t bear the touch…”

(A gasp and silence)

“Look, I know! The entire group knows and we are okay!”

(A sigh and silence)

“I have a spare room if your mother doesn’t understand.”

(After a long silence) “Can you call an ambulance, fast?”

-Based on a true story