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Why I’m Never Ready on Time

Mother-in-law: Your lipstick is too dull. Use a brighter shade!

After complying...

Husband: Your lipstick is too bright. Use a natural shade!

After complying

Father-in-law: Why do you have to paint your lips? It kills the skin!

After complying

Mother-in-law: Why don’t you use lipstick? Your face looks so dull!

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An Unlikely Story(?)

Hi, I am rebloging one of my older pieces from my earlier site. Apologies to those who already read it.

Long time ago, there lived a woman who used pigeons to send mails. She spent all her day sending and reading her mails. She would draw pictures of ‘Aloo salad’, ‘Kadhai dal’ and ‘Chulha roti’ and send it. People would, then, tell her that they liked it or loved it. She, in turn, would do the same for them. Once an insect bit her lips and she sent her picture to her friends. This inspired others to post their picture with a pout as well.

All this made her feel important and happy!

She kept her precious pigeons in a cage and locked them when not delivering emails to ensure no one stole them. One fated day, she lost the key of the cage. No other key would work. Locksmith tried different combinations, even tried breaking it but the lock would not budge. He gave up in the end.

A week later, the woman passed away of a broken heart…

Unlikely story? Weird story? Stupid story?

I don’t think so!

Most of the people on Facebook or Twitter spend all their free time on it. They post pictures of what they cooked or wore, where they went and how they are feeling. They wish their own spouse and children a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook or Twitter, even though they live in the same house. And the rest of the world likes and loves it.

They call their friends to ask why they only posted a like and did not comment on a particular picture if they really liked it.

If needed, they would even suggest a good comment.

First love, first kiss, first baby and first soiled diaper… They are all on Facebook for the world see, like and comment on.

If you didn’t post it, it never happened. If you didn’t ‘like’ it, you ignored them. If you didn’t post a comment, you never cared about them.

Facebook and Twitter are not websites anymore. They are oxygen cylinders. Lock people out of their account for one day, they will suffocate. Lock them out for a week, they will be as good as dead. If they lose their password, they will spend the rest of their lives resetting and securing it, or die trying.

That reminds me… what was my Facebook password?

…Where did I write it?

…Oh no! Where did it go?

…Gawd! What do I do now?

…OH NO! (Gasp) Can’t breathe… Need air…


-Dedicated to the Dimpy Angel and all my friends on Facebook

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I am a Fly on the Wall

Hi, I am rebloging one of my older pieces from my earlier site. Apologies to those who already read it.

“As bystanders in the greater events of the world, what are we but mere flies on the wall.”

But flies know stuff, like where you hide candies from your son or when you lie to your wife that you ate the salad she sent for lunch while eating extra-sugary donuts. And they use it to their advantage.

And flies spread news. Have you ever paid attention to the strange humming noise when they gather in a place? Don’t mistake it as just flapping of wings… that’s Morse code!

Flies also have political opinions. They can choose to sit either on the palm of your hand, a flower, a bicycle or an elephant at their will. They can also decide against all of them in favor of a blank wall or a puddle of cow poop.

Also flies can… well, fly! They have wings. They just choose to stick close to familiar places, like your kitchen. But the flies with ambition are free to fly to faraway sweet shops to live their dreams.

Hence, we humans have more in common with the common fly than we will be ready to admit. I, for one, as admit… I am just another fly on the wall!

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Tiny Story: Muted

There was a bounce in her steps as she walked home after accepting the job offer with a reputed company. She finally had a chance!

Reaching home, she eagerly gestured to her mother. After a few seconds of silence, her mother raised her head and said, “Dumb as you are, has the new job crippled you as well? Get to work.”

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Women’s Day Is Not Just for Women

Women’s day is not just about empowering woman. It is about celebrating equality of all genders!

We live in a world where women create software, missiles and rockets, and men give birth to babies (yes, it is true!). It is crucial that we accept the changing gender roles as a way of life and not as exceptions.

We need to sensitize men that household chores don’t make them any less of a man. After all, a man can be a cook in a 7-star hotel, a janitor in a building, a taxi driver or a teacher, or run a laundry and still be a man. Why do the same chores at home make him feminine?

We need to teach both our sons and daughters how to cook, clean and drive; to respect all the three (yes, three!) genders; and to stand up against any shit from anyone against anyone, be that a woman or a man or LGBTQ; Above all, we need to stop teaching them “boys don’t cry”, “woman are the weaker gender”, “gays are to be laughed on”.

We can only do this by setting the example first. Let us start by sharing responsibilities with our spouses, respecting them for their effort and helping them without putting that across as a favour.  After all, when a mother flies to space for an year or goes to work every day, someone has to look after the children. Why can’t that be the father?

–Dedicated to all people who are breaking the gender barriers