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Tiny Story: Heaven

In front of their old rundown family farmhouse

9-year old son (incredulously): This is your ‘heaven’?

Father (in a conspiratorial tone): Did you ever jump over a fence, climb a tree, bathe in the river, play in a cave or own a real tree house?

Son (grinning ear-to-ear): When are we moving in?

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Winging It

ABCD in Wingdings 27 font, it seems
ABCD in Winging font

I am a mother of a genius. If only someone could decipher her script…

I bought a Maths notebook for my 2-year old in an attempt to teach writing numbers. Two days later, it was full of these weird symbols that she wrote with the flourish of a professional while singing the ABCD song alongside.

Can someone un-encrypt it please?

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Tiny Story: The Miracle Cure

I had a frustrating day at work. I was worried about timelines, office politics and impending performance appraisal.

When I returned home, my tiny daughter ran up to greet me. Once in my arms, she cupped my cheeks in her little palms. Looking in my eyes, she said, “Mommy! I love you!” She kissed me and ran back to her dolls.

She left me smiling from ear to ear…

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Tiny Story: Kidnap

She trembled with fear as she hid behind the tree, her face covered with a ‘dupatta’. If only one of her children would come out…

Her youngest saw her and, before she could stop him, cried with delight, “Amma!” Knowing that she only had a few seconds, she snatched him and ran away from their tormentor… again.

Rest of her brood would have to wait until the next time.