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Been alone for long,

ever since the storm

blinded me,

and pitched me

against the rocks

too many times to count.

Waves who had

caressed me

left me behind to die

away from the sea.

My home now

a dream to me,

as I lay abandoned

by those who had

once cared

because now

I serve no purpose.

My heart’s cold,

I am now a ghost

they are unable to see.

Photo by Ammpryt ART

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I’m old.

With more than 50 years behind me, I’ve some fond memories. I remember bringing Eddie and Chris home the day they were born–such wee little things. And when Eddie married, I drove the happy couple to their honeymoon. I held his daughters as babies and even took them camping when they grew up…

It was fun while it lasted.

But nobody can carry on forever. So now that I tire easily and my joints make me groan, I spend my days sitting in the sun in the yard while the new generation does the hard work.

Sigh! Well, I had a good run…

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash