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World on Fire

“From the hole in the box, I could see them beat Abba until he couldn’t move. Ammi begged them to spare him but they held her back by the hair and one of them tore her clothes and laughed.

Then they tied Abba in a sack and dragged him out. We couldn’t find him after that. I’m afraid they threw him in a nullah to drown, like Zameer bhaijaan next door and Imran bhaijaan who ran the bicycle shop.

They were crying ‘Jai Shri Ram!’ (Victory be with Ram). I wonder who this Ram is and how he could win by killing those who weren’t even fighting against him.”

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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The Pool

The pool in his estate, built on his brother’s suggestion, was meant to be decorative, until, in a drunken stupor, he tripped over his girlfriend’s long legs.

His brother ran out of the huge house at the hue and cry, and took off his expensive Rolex and Ray-Ban– dallying just long enough to ensure the ‘inevitable’–before jumping in the pool after him.

When the Police arrived, his brother was wiping tears off his girl’s face, while the Rolex and Ray-Ban lay by the poolside winking in the sun.

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The Pink Sweater

Shivering, she pulled the Pink Sweater tightly around her body like a cocoon when the Police arrived.

He had been high on coke and didn’t struggle much when, with shaky hands, she had twisted the sweater around his neck.

He will never hit her again.

Image by Raychan on Unsplash

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Tiny Story: The Accident(?)

By the time it was dusk, he was tired of hiding in the old warehouse. He had looked for shapes in the peeling paint of the walls all day. Now that the hall was darkening, he was a little spooked, not that he would ever admit it.

Suddenly he found a shape resembling a face of a man clutching something. Was it a knife?

He looked away trying to curb the guilt and dread rising in his chest, only to find one that resembled a woman dead on the floor.

Suddenly, the peeling paint that was her hand moved slightly.

He clutched his heart and died…