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Tiny Story: Charred

The woman had a strange gleam in her eyes while she held her newborn—a girl—in her arms for the first time. It unnerved the Gynecologist as she asked: “How are you feeling?”

“Relieved!” replied her patient grimly. “Her father made my father miserable all these years. He is bound to love his first child though. Someday, my father will be avenged!”

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The First-time Mother

Hi, I am rebloging one of my older pieces from my earlier site. Apologies to those who already read it.

People say that women are born mothers. I disagree.

When it comes to being ‘born mothers’, there are two categories of girls: First, who love playing the babysitter to all toddlers in the vicinity, and second, who keep a minimum five feet distance from anyone on two legs below three feet.

I belong to the latter category. Even while playing ‘Home’ as a child, I never agreed to play the ‘mother’. It was too big a responsibility. Hence, while waiting for my first child, I was clueless about how to handle children. I had to conduct a lot of Google search to ensure I knew everything.

But nothing could have prepared me for the reality.

Being a mother is a difficult job anyway with the 24×7 food-potty issues. For me, it was akin to fighting a dragon with bare hands. A live bomb ready to explode any second for known and unknown reasons, she scared me out of my wits in the first month. I was scared that I might drop her, touch her too hard, leave her hungry, overfeed her or crush her beneath me while sleeping at night, or somebody else at home might do the same (the jaundiced eye…), or she might fall off the bed if I left her unattended for a nano‑second. There were a lot of other crazy fears that I had never experienced before.

On cold nights, she throws away her sheets and I spend the rest of the night covering her. God bless the person who invented diapers, else I wouldn’t even get the 3-4 hours of sleep at night that I get now. Ever since the fated day, I can be caught sleeping anytime anywhere. I remember this day when I was found asleep while standing against a pillar.

I feel a renewed respect for my mother and all the mothers who dare a second baby.

I love my daughter! I just wish she was not so much of hard work. On the day she was born, my mother said, “Your struggle has just begun.” With nearly one year out of the way, my daughter is gradually switching from crawling to walking, and the challenge is heightening from Beginner level to Professional level. I am beginning to wonder whether mother was referring to the rest of my life.

Well, fingers crossed!

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Tiny Story: The Miracle Cure

I had a frustrating day at work. I was worried about timelines, office politics and impending performance appraisal.

When I returned home, my tiny daughter ran up to greet me. Once in my arms, she cupped my cheeks in her little palms. Looking in my eyes, she said, “Mommy! I love you!” She kissed me and ran back to her dolls.

She left me smiling from ear to ear…

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Tiny Story: Kidnap

She trembled with fear as she hid behind the tree, her face covered with a ‘dupatta’. If only one of her children would come out…

Her youngest saw her and, before she could stop him, cried with delight, “Amma!” Knowing that she only had a few seconds, she snatched him and ran away from their tormentor… again.

Rest of her brood would have to wait until the next time.