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Tiny Story: The Mother of the Bride

Year 1920

“Of course we don’t send our daughter to school. Who will marry her then?”

Year 2020

“We are sending her for a professional degree. Helps in finding good grooms.”

Year 3020

“Yes, she is in the team flying to Planet Isis. Heard there are many bachelors over there.”

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Tiny Story: Jaliawala Bagh

She had run to the park like a crazy woman where Britishers had opened fire on a peaceful gathering. “But surely, they would spare a four-year old”, she had thought.

Now she stood petrified, looking with glazed eyes at the mountains of dead bodies and wondering which one search first.

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Tiny Story: The Miracle Cure

I had a frustrating day at work. I was worried about timelines, office politics and impending performance appraisal.

When I returned home, my tiny daughter ran up to greet me. Once in my arms, she cupped my cheeks in her little palms. Looking in my eyes, she said, “Mommy! I love you!” She kissed me and ran back to her dolls.

She left me smiling from ear to ear…

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Tiny Story: Muted

There was a bounce in her steps as she walked home after accepting the job offer with a reputed company. She finally had a chance!

Reaching home, she eagerly gestured to her mother. After a few seconds of silence, her mother raised her head and said, “Dumb as you are, has the new job crippled you as well? Get to work.”