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Milestone Celebration

In middle of all the confusion that encompasses my life, I missed a very important milestone: 400+ followers! Also, 14K views! Wow…there was a time when I had 3 views for one year…all my own.

Thank you, dear followers, for reminding me everyday that my blog is there for a reason: You! It is meant to show an upside down view of life, give voice to beings who often go unheard and spark a conversation. I had stopped giving political opinion last month because it hurt some very important people in my life but I still write about everything else under the sun, as long as it has the potential to stir a healthy conversation.

Sometimes, I do feel out of juice though until I see a photo, hear a story, read a word that makes my brain do somersaults until something spills out that is worth telling a story.

So, if you have a topic or a word around which you want me to weave a story, just leave it in the comments. The offer is open to anybody and anytime. You can throw the word in, in the comment box of any of my posts. I’ll pick up and see if I can weave something. It might take a few days…or weeks…months even, because my brain does its own calculation while I sleep, and churns out something almost perfect at unexpected moments, but it will surface, eventually.

So, give me inspiration, dear readers. I write for you.

Thank you again for following me. Keep posting comments whenever you feel like it, even if to just say, Hello!

I love talking to you all. You keep me alight!

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500 posts, 350 followers

Some where in the middle of my back injury and, later, neck injury and, office work, I missed a couple of very important milestones: 500 posts and 350+ WP followers. YEEEEEEEEE!

I can also boast of 12 K views and nearly 5600 visitors. Thank you!

Your love has humbled me. I wish I had ways to allow everyone to comment on my blog and not just WP followers. As I always say, Every comment matters. It shows me ways to improve. So, let me know if you don’t like something. I don’t mind an open discussion. I am ready to be converted to your ways of thinking as long as your point can buy me in.

Just let me know. Keep following, keep reading so I can continue writing for you. 😀

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Make Some Noise!!! 300+ WP followers

I am notorious for celebrating milestones on my blog. I think it is because of my overzealous nature, but also because this blog means so much to me. So, here I am celebrating yet another milestone.

300+ WordPress followers! Thank you all!

Why it means so much? Because it means that there are people out there who would like to read my blog again. I know most of them may get busy and not return, but the thought counts. It almost feels like getting a Christmas card from a stranger…not expected but that makes it ever so much more wonderful.

And there are those other followers who come back nearly every day, a lot of them even comment and let me know if they agree, or not, or if there could be a potential for improving what I wrote–which is even more wonderful, almost like having a family online–Don, Petra, Chris, Alex, John, Lauren, Ngozi, R.E., Colin, Kim, Yvonne, Ellen, Sangeetha, Vaidehi and Pete. And then, there is Elizabeth, who is not my follower but still has been around for quite a few heart-to-heart discussions.

If your name is not here, I apologize. Trust me, I celebrate every single time someone hits the Follow button. It is just that you have been too quiet lately. You have probably been Liking my posts without leaving a Comment. And, unfortunately, my memory is shorter than that of a goldfish! So, please make a noise. Leave comments, Christmas messages, anything you want to share. I will reply.

So, thank you again for following my blog. You force me try writing better. You make me feel as if this isn’t just a whim! 😀

Also, if you wish to share a guest post on my site, please feel free to mail me at I will reply within a week’s time.

Thanks a ton!

Love you all!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful COVID-19-free New Year!


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3000 visitors, 6800 views

I am notorious for celebrating every milestone. And here I am bragging again.

My site has crossed the 3000 visitors milestone and nearly 6800 views. It has also earned 226 followers, all within 1.2 years. For someone who never created stories, it is a big deal. For the past year, every day, I create one story for my daughter, and every couple of days, one for my blog (her stories are simpler and don’t need a logic). It is a huge achievement for someone who was told that her writing is too simplistic.

It’s because I am a simple person. I don’t like to complicate language unnecessarily. That is my day-to-day business as an Instructional Designer, who creates training curriculum for business employees, and simplifies business language in the process so that employees can learn it easily.

It is who I am and something I’ve done since school times. My teachers would often complain that I talked too much in class–if my neighbour had a difficulty understanding what the teacher taught, I’d simplify it for them, interrupting the class in the process.

I remember when one of my schoolmate asked me for notes during exams. I handed her a single page–that was all I could wring out of the subject after an year at school. It made the day before exam easy. I’d just carry that page to school, give it thorough reading and dump it in the trash bin before entering the exam hall.

During my Bachelors in Arts (BA), I’d spend time after college simplifying Bachelor’s level English stories for my classmates.

During my Bachelor’s in Law (LL.B.), my exam sheet was always half empty. I had very little to say. I always got top marks though, which left my classmates intrigued. Alas, they asked for notes.

During Masters in Business (M.B.A.), I’d sit during lunch time to simplify lessons for my friends, giving them quick pointers to build their answers on. They loved my notes. A lot of them wondered why the books didn’t make the same sense…they did, just in a lot more words with business jargons.

So, here I am writing simple stories. Thank you all for reading them and reminding me that ‘simple is also a style’. You’ve made me a very happy person.

Author’s note: If you are wondering why I have so many degrees, that is a story for another day.