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Lantern: Hope


rocks my

paper ship–

drenched, not drowned–


Author’s note: Lantern is a type of descriptive poetry from Japan that follows the syllable structure of one, two, three, four and one syllables per line to shape a lantern when the words are centered to middle.

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Pretty Woman

hrayr-movsisyan-J3nHfF6TIwQ-unsplash (1)

There she was,

looking fresh out of the bath,

dressed in her red

that quickened

the pace of my heart,

sitting at her favourite spot.

I wondered


she’ll notice me today,

sitting next to her

for the nth time this year.

She winked

at the passing Porsche,

crushing my hopes.

Well, perhaps tomorrow…

Photo by Hrayr Movsisyan on Unsplash

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At Dusk

After a long day of chores

and heartbreaks,

I look out of the window for solace.


The Sun, now red

like ambers close to an end,

is washed by the ocean waves

of the thin wisps of clouds.

Kissed by the sleepy Sun,

the clouds blush.

The orange Moon,

hiding all day

from the burning anger

of her father,

now comes to face.

She sings quiet songs

made of silver beams

drowning away his rage.

He sleeps at the horizon,

in the arms of dark Night

to wake the next day.

With a quietened heart,

I now seek Hope—


will be a new day.

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The Mettle

I walk around the city

without purpose

drowning in gloom.

Long unemployment

Often does that to you.

Yellow flashes

in the corner of my vision

in a crack of the pavement

pulling me forward,

a marionette on strings.

A cluster of flowers,

smaller than my nail,

stand tall, smiling,

in a place

where stomping feet

can wipe them out


They care not,


in the face of adversity,

unlike me.

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As my two-hour-old roommate called one friend after the other trying to find a suitable accommodation for me, I smiled. She barely knew me, yet she had fought our landlord against evicting me because of my religion (often labelled as ‘terrorist’) and lost.

She complained about the unfairness of it all to her friends and they were outraged as well. I smiled… because for every one person who hated me, there were 20 who sided by me.

This world still had hope!

Dedicated to Manisha and her friends for standing up against religion-based discrimination