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Tiny Story: The Dark Alley

Past midnight, in a dark alley…

I am being followed. Too scared to look back, I know it in my gut…

I should have waited for the other dancers to wrap up but there were too many creeps in the bar tonight, and I wanted to be out before they finished their drinks. Now, I have to pay.

Suddenly, my stomach feels empty. I am nauseas and cold sweat trickles down my spine.

“Do I run?

Do I turn back and confront?

Do I have my pepper spray?


Isn’t there an all-night medical store round the next corner?”

Hope rises in my heart. May be, just may be…

Suddenly I hear the footsteps quicken behind me and I break into a run.

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Tiny Story: The Monsters

After hiding beneath the bed for half an hour, he whispered, “Do you think it’s gone?”

Teddy bear replied, “Not sure. Want me to find out?”

He helped Teddy peak out from under the bed. Teddy said in a bright voice, “Yup! Gone! I told you, you needn’t worry while I am around.”

He hauled his 26-year-old frame out from under the bed. “I was just being cautious! You can’t beat all of them.”