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Tiny Story: The Boatman


He waited by the riverside, next to his boat, like every day, but excitement filled his every nerve at the thought of his daughter’s return.

She was the first person in his poor village to join a college. She made him so proud! He still remembered the moment when he had dropped her outside the college dormitory. She was scared and clung to him as she cried her heart out. Now, she is coming back for a vacation…

When he saw a group of college students approach, he looked for his daughter, who was lagging behind. How much had she grown up, dressed up like a ‘Memsahib‘ (Lady) now! How he missed her in the past six months!

She should have told him that she was bringing friends. He would have arranged more food and beds. He will do that once they reach the village, and buy some refreshments too…

He smiled at her reassuringly but she avoided meeting his eyes. One of the boys put his hand over her shoulders protectively.

Another asked him the rate of ferrying them all to the village. He looked at his daughter with the question in his eyes and saw her pleading silently.

He told them the rate.

As they all got in, he wiped his tears away and began rowing the boat.

Photo by Melissa Kumaresan on Unsplash

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The Hero


When I was little…

You were always too tall,

So I grew up stretching

Trying to reach you.

You were always too smart,

So I grew up studying

To be like you.

You were always my hero.

I eventually gave up trying


There is only one “You”.

Not sure if I ever failed you, Papa,

But I always adored you…

Still do…

P.S.: I love you, Papa. Wish you many beautiful year’s to come

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

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The People in Zoo: The Hippopotamus

They have sent me a new ‘wife’! They think she can distract me?

They took away my real wife four months back when she was seven months along. I let them because the guy in the white coat, who treated the pain in my leg, was with them too. I waited for her to return with the baby. But now I hear the two of them in a distance from another enclosure. I called her and she called me right back. I tried to break the walls to reach her but they were too strong.

Now, they have sent me a new ‘wife’! As if I care! Damn these walls!

Image by Gene Taylor at Unsplash

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Tiny Story: Charred

The woman had a strange gleam in her eyes while she held her newborn—a girl—in her arms for the first time. It unnerved the Gynecologist as she asked: “How are you feeling?”

“Relieved!” replied her patient grimly. “Her father made my father miserable all these years. He is bound to love his first child though. Someday, my father will be avenged!”