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Thus Spake Death

Our first date.

After years of waiting,

my love’s finally coming to me.

I’ve lit his path with candles.

Jack o’ Lantern welcomes him.

Deer skull incense guides

to the place where all departed meet;

where I’ve been awaiting him

since the day he came to be.

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The Day You Died

I was in a shock, I think.


Holding the phone to my ear

With one hand,

I ironed the same dress

For an hour,

Until I saw the holes

Burnt through the fabric,

Much like my heart.


No, I don’t love you anymore.

I had that sorted out long back.

Until Now.


I sat down

On the pile of ironed clothes

And stayed there for another hour

Still clutching the phone

Close to my heart.

Waiting for something… someone…


No, I don’t love you anymore.

I had that sorted out long back.

Until Now.


Someone called, not sure who,

Confirming what I already knew.

“Of course, I am fine.

I got over him.”


I called my new love

To share what I felt.

“Of course, I’m fine.

I got over him.”


Of course, I don’t love you anymore.

I had that sorted out long back.

Until Now.


Not sure if I ate that night,

Not sure how I got to bed.

Not sure if I cried.

But I remember

Turning over my wet pillow

In the middle of the night,

The day you died.

-Dedicated to the one ‘I didn’t love anymore’ until the day he died

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Poetry: The Last Walk

I ventured in the ruins alone,

Held captive by the magic of

The eerie calm.


Up the stairs

In a trance,

Invisible rope

Tugging me along.


Dawn I saw through

The broken wall,

And stairs that lead to

The Haven beyond.


Wrapped up by the

Peace that comes from

Returning home.

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Tiny Story: The Brothers

“It’s alright, dear! The pain would end soon.” Hamish consoled Heera.

Heera was too ill to work… ever. People had suggested Hamish to sell him to a butcher and get some money to buy another Ox. But Hamish loved him as a brother. They had been together for nearly eleven years, transporting goods on their ox-drawn cart for a living.

Once Heera died, Hamish would have no one to pull his cart but he would think about that later. Right now, holding Heera’s head in his lap, he prayed for his pain to end. Only when Heera’s eyes went glassy, did Hamish allow his tears to fall.

-Dedicated to all who have loved and lost

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Tiny Story: After

The loneliness had become too much. Every one told him that he should move to a new city and start over again. He could, then, meet new people, and may be, even find love again…

He looked at his children: five and eight. Would they mind moving? Of course, they would! Their lives were here with their grandparents, their school and friends. He couldn’t uproot them at a whim!

He couldn’t hurt them, so he let the memories hurt him.