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Tiny Story: After

The loneliness had become too much. Every one told him that he should move to a new city and start over again. He could, then, meet new people, and may be, even find love again…

He looked at his children: five and eight. Would they mind moving? Of course, they would! Their lives were here with their grandparents, their school and friends. He couldn’t uproot them at a whim!

He couldn’t hurt them, so he let the memories hurt him.

Posted in Life and After

Who am I?

As an Instructional Designer, I am a full time Super Hero! I save the world from the boring, never-ending and ineffective training courses. I create learning material in simple, crisp and effective English and present it in an interesting manner that (I hope!) makes you hope for a Season Two.

I am a wordy person who is paid to ‘reduce the word-load on readers’! The irony reflects in my writing style that embodies “Less is more”. I mostly write about emotions and people.

Being a Start-up at motherhood means you get to hear loads of cribbing around the challenges.