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Are you a racist?

Do you think you aren’t a racist?

Well, let me clarify, Racism is not just about hitting or killing a person from another race/religion. It is also the prejudice or discrimination you direct against someone of a different race, consciously or sub-consciously. My last post My Personal Black Day was an example of racism at a sub-conscious level in daily life. I had more of such experiences when I joined a Christian school in middle grade and later a Muslim High School, but those are stories for later.

Now, do you still think you aren’t a racist? I dare you to check.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Did you study in a school or college, worked in an office, or lived in a place that had people from different races–Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews or others; black skin, white skin, red skin, yellow skin or brown skin? Open your collection of pictures during the social gatherings and answer the following questions in the Comments section. You will find your own answer.

  1. Which race/religion shows up the most?
  2. Is a person from another race/religion standing close to you?
  3. Are they close friends?
  4. Do you remember their names clearly?
  5. Ever visited their house or hung out with them?
  6. Did you ever go on a date with a person of another race/religion?
  7. What race/religion is your bestie?
  8. What race/religion is your spouse?

Did you get your answer yet?

You can give an excuse that these people wanted to be left out. Really? Did you try starting a dialogue or offering a smile?

Clearly, as birds of a feather, we racists flock together.