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Thank you for the Little Help!

I cannot believe it. I had run out of ideas and was wondering where to begin my first story and now I have 21 potential starting points. Thanks a lot, all of you. Please keep the suggestions pouring in.

Thank you, Pete for reblogging since more than half of these suggestions come from your readership. 🙂

I may be a little slow on the uptake though since my stories take around a week or two to build. I will eventually get to your suggestion. Pinky Promise! 🙂

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The Bus Detour

She was looking out of the window with unseeing eyes as the bus took a detour to avoid a roadblock.

For the hundredth time, she thought of earlier that day…in the back of his car… She smiled. Absent-mindedly playing with the ring he gave her, she wondered if he was thinking of her as well.

Suddenly, the bus turned a corner into a dark alley. Its headlights revealed a familiar car with a couple entangled ferociously in the backseat. She had her answer.