Thoughts: A Tough Assignment

Lately, my nearly-3-year daughter has taken to creating 'bouquet' of animals. Ever so often, she asks me what animals I want. I give her a random list. Then she asks me which color I want them in. After half an hour of hard labor, the bouquet is ready and it looks something like this. Or … Continue reading Thoughts: A Tough Assignment

200 Knots Per Square Inch

She looked through tear-filled eyes at her son's first finished carpet. Even at just 200 knots per square inch, it was a beauty. She had started teaching him creating hand-knit carpets at a tender age of seven. Initially, his tiny fingers bled every day where the wool threads cut through his delicate skin. He often … Continue reading 200 Knots Per Square Inch

Tiny Story: Kidnap

She trembled with fear as she hid behind the tree, her face covered with a 'dupatta'. If only one of her children would come out... Her youngest saw her and, before she could stop him, cried with delight, "Amma!" Knowing that she only had a few seconds, she snatched him and ran away from their … Continue reading Tiny Story: Kidnap