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A Bad Hair Day

Damn that rat! I am having a bad hair day, or rather an even worse hair day because I always have bad hair. It’s a curse that has followed me since forever.

I keep rat poison around the house and in the gardens too but one of these always sneak in. And, then, my hair go haywire, sniffing in all directions, getting tangled in the process, never remembering that they can’t leave my head to hunt it anyway.

My life is hell. Yours would be too if you had a headful of snakes for hair. I am Medusa and I’m still trying to hide these cursed ‘hair’ under an assortment of wigs.

I hate Athena. Just because I was slacking from my duties as her priestess, thinking of the time I had with Poseidon, she had to curse me. She could have simply fired me from the post. But no, she had to make a point. And now, I have to deal with hair that eat rabbits for dinner. And live for an eternity too.

Earlier, it was easy. I would simply petrify anyone who stared at my ‘hair’ longer than needed. But it became increasingly difficult when soldiers came calling to check if I had seen certain missing people and finding their statue in my garden shed. They could never pin the abduction/murder on me but my luck wouldn’t hold out forever. Also, now people have trackers on their phones, and sometimes in their cars too.

That’s why I started this business of fashion wigs. It gave me an excuse to have an unlimited supply of ridiculousy large wigs to hide my own head and adverstise my fare too. Getting rabbits to feed my snakes was also an issue, so I started a small rabbit farm on the side, increasing the products to guniea pigs, hamsters and hare. Of course, they are scared of me and never come to me easy. But then, who cares. They are not my pets. They are pet-feed.

Speaking of which, my ‘pets’ are now settling down. It seems like the rat has finally left the room. Nagina is even rubbing her head against my cheek, probably asking for a belly rub and Vipe is pointing his head towards the bag of treats.

Sigh! Don’t I love them all! I just wish they weren’t so much work…

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Reblog: Real-World Monsters

In our zeal to achieve immortality, a lot of us forgo our humanity–and become vampires, feeding on the blood of fellow humans; cannibals eating the meat of our own kind. We choose to kill the animals who become maneaters, yet build statues of men who kill men. Cheers of achievement push cries of our fellows to the background.

Atlas Obscura shared horrifying real life references of the stories and characters in this HBO program: Lovecraft Country. It gives me goosebumps how thirst for knowledge turns us to monsters in human skin; how racial supremacy can turn us to animals…

It will be some time before I ever look at the advances in Human Anatomical science with respect again. Worth a read.

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Tiny Story: The Monsters

After hiding beneath the bed for half an hour, he whispered, “Do you think it’s gone?”

Teddy bear replied, “Not sure. Want me to find out?”

He helped Teddy peak out from under the bed. Teddy said in a bright voice, “Yup! Gone! I told you, you needn’t worry while I am around.”

He hauled his 26-year-old frame out from under the bed. “I was just being cautious! You can’t beat all of them.”