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Bound and Gagged

We found her drenched in the street,
trying to hide her face,
blue in places,
red in others,
puffy eyes, puffy lips,
wincing when her daughter
hugged her,
crying when we helped her
out of wet clothes
to reveal the blacks and blues.

Denied sanctuary by her parents,
she sought refuge in her progeny,
only to return the next day
to the monster
who would never learn.

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The Pink Sweater

Shivering, she pulled the Pink Sweater tightly around her body like a cocoon when the Police arrived.

He had been high on coke and didn’t struggle much when, with shaky hands, she had twisted the sweater around his neck.

He will never hit her again.

Image by Raychan on Unsplash

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Tiny Story: Kidnap

She trembled with fear as she hid behind the tree, her face covered with a ‘dupatta’. If only one of her children would come out…

Her youngest saw her and, before she could stop him, cried with delight, “Amma!” Knowing that she only had a few seconds, she snatched him and ran away from their tormentor… again.

Rest of her brood would have to wait until the next time.