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My Housemates: The Mistreated

And just like that, they’ve thrown me out…

When I was brought home, everybody had rushed out to fawn over me. Ever since, it was all the way downhill for me. For years, I was the most abused creature in existence–people walked all over me. They threw things at me without faintest sign of remorse. In fact, one rainy day, when water seeped in from the windows, I was left to shiver in cold. Nobody thought of mopping me up until the next morning!

Now that I am old and frayed at the edges, they’ve left me out for the garbage truck to pick up. Life is so unfair!

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Scars on the Soul


I’m not afraid of him anymore. Sure, he hit me plenty earlier but I was a puny little thing then. His belt marks and cigarette burns have long faded away from my body.

My father doesn’t dare come too close now that I’m a bigger bully than him…

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay