The People in Zoo: The Cranes

The pair of Cranes looked at the other birds in the large aviary with contempt.

So, it has come down to this? They will have to share quarters with these minions? How they hate the Gobble Gobble and the Cackle Cackle–the constant cacophony of the mindless birds who have never seen the world!

They looked past the fenced roof and saw a flock fly by. How they craved to fly with them and see the world again…

The People in Zoo: The Tiger

Of course, it is better than the circus I was at earlier. The minions feed me well and my 100 feet x 100 feet home comes fitted with grass to lay on and trees to scratch my back.

But I miss running around the forest with mom. Don’t know when I will see them again.

Image by Anthony Melone at Unsplash

The People in Zoo: The Alligator

Where have all the eggs gone again? Did the birds eat them…but I had buried them in the sand under the tree…

But no one came…well, except the  cleaner…but he wouldn’t do that to me, would he? He must know how much my babies mean to me…

Maybe they hatched when I was eating and are hiding in the water already…but where are the shells then?

Photo by Егор Камелев on Unsplash

The People in Zoo: The Hippopotamus

They have sent me a new ‘wife’! They think she can distract me?

They took away my real wife four months back when she was seven months along. I let them because the guy in the white coat, who treated the pain in my leg, was with them too. I waited for her to return with the baby. But now I hear the two of them in a distance from another enclosure. I called her and she called me right back. I tried to break the walls to reach her but they were too strong.

Now, they have sent me a new ‘wife’! As if I care! Damn these walls!

Image by Gene Taylor at Unsplash