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In all relations, I keep myself slightly aloof. I try not to talk very often or discuss pain because I can’t sympathize…

I empathize.

With people I really care about, once I begin to feel their pain, I feel it as my own…until I cannot separate the borrowed pain from my own feelings. Gradually, it begins to push me under and I struggle to keep floating and breathing. Eventually, I drown in a pain not my own and am unable to resurface until I open the floodgates or someone fishes me out.

I prefer to not drown.

So, if you find me impassive and aloof, now you know why.



I am an Instructional Designer, avid reader, small-town woman and working mother with a fish-eye perspective. I have just published my first book, The Forest Bed and other short stories. If you like my stories on this blog, feel free to Like, Comment, Reblog and Share. You can reach me at or through my Facebook page

16 thoughts on “Aloof

    1. Thanks Ngozi. It is one thing to be an emotional person. I’m not. I pretty in-control that way. The problem is that the emotions of others affect me very strongly. I can be very angry, very happy, very sad simply because my company is so. It is not normal nor healthy.


    1. I try to stay aloof as long as I can. I have lived in 25 houses, attended 11 schools/colleges and worked 7 jobs, still I can count people I’m close to on fingers of one hand. I keep aloofness even in closest relations.

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