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Left Hook, Right Hook

His right hook was stronger than his left hook. So, he gathered the coriander leaves together with his left hook and waged a war against the errant leaves with his right. But they kept falling out, reminding him that quality of his remaining life depended on the new set of fingers his new bosses had ordered for him, if he was to keep his current job as a housekeeper and cook.

For 34 years, he had worked at a warehouse, using his pair of sturdy hooks to carry and store the wares to be housed, never missing the set of flexible fingers that his contemporary robots sported. So, when his owner decided that his model was too old to be repaired and sold him to willing owners, he felt jilted. New beginnings weren’t easy at his age. But having a new owner was better than being thrown in the junkyard, so he went quietly.

His new owners, an old man with a broken front teeth and an equal old squat woman with a traditional nose pin, took him to one of those ‘lesser’ engineers who work for the masses. How humiliating it was to be standing in the place along with all sort of riffraff!

Then came the big blow…He wasn’t fit for the new owners who needed a domestic robot. Being new to the whole robot-thing and not knowing better, they were fooled into buying an old industrial robot with hooks unaccustomed to the nuances of household work, especially cooking–a delicate art–that need a set of flexible fingers instead of hooks. His owners had openly regretted the choice, calling him a tin-box!

There could be no greater insult. He was made of Aerosteel used in making spaceships! He suggested them to rent him to another warehouse. He offered to work overtime to pay back their money. But even he knew it was a long shot. There was no guarantee a warehouse would hire a 34-year-old robot with obsolete technology.

That’s when the ‘lesser’ engineer became his saviour. He suggested updating his program to ‘Househelp’, and getting him two set of fingers, both easily available on Since the fingers weren’t coming cheep, the old couple needed some persuasion. But they eventually relented since they had already invested 78 thousand bucks on the tin box, and ‘another 7 thousand wouldn’t kill them’.

Hence, the engineer quickly updated his program to Househelp before they could change their mind, deleting his Warehouse program by accident. He offered to order the sets of fingers from a ‘friend’ who would give them a ‘discount’ (his discount being 30% more than the market rate but the old couple would probably never find out).

So now, he was ‘home’ with his new owners awaiting his new body parts, and praying to God, if there was a God for robots, that the engineer would know how to install the fingers properly, else he would be stuck chopping coriander with a pair of hooks for the rest of his life.



I am an Instructional Designer, avid reader, small-town woman and working mother with a fish-eye perspective. I have just published my first book, The Forest Bed and other short stories. If you like my stories on this blog, feel free to Like, Comment, Reblog and Share. You can reach me at or through my Facebook page

6 thoughts on “Left Hook, Right Hook

      1. Our holidays will be lonesome without the the gathering of our family, but all is well and that is important. Thank you for asking, Shaily and I wish you and yours the best.
        Does your little one know anything about the western customs this time of year?

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      2. Hi Don! Glad everyone is safe. I have taken a long leve in January and am dying to see my parents (my in-laws live with us). But my parents got stuck in Bangalore at my brother’s place at the start of the pandemic since last February and that place is 1600 miles from here. I won’t be seeing them during the vacation. So, even though I have a joint family here, I am sad for that. I can hardly imagine you people being away from family during your biggest celebration of the year. But then, at least the priorities are right. There will be time next year to celebrate with family.
        My daughter is three. She knows that Christmas is when Santa comes with gifts and she knows what a Christmas gift is 😀 But that’s all she understands about it now. In Islam, we talk about Jesus Christ as the prophet of God (not the son of God) and about his future resurrection. So I’m going to tell her what I know. 😀


      3. Oh, Shaily thanks for your holiday comments. I love you telling me about the little one knowing about gifts and Santa. My fondest memories of Christmas is the little one’s belief in Santa.
        Please stay safe.

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