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If You Are Trying to Use WP-Admin to Post, Read This

Here’s to all those who miss Classic Editor. Thanks Maggie!

WordPress strikes again.

In WP-Admin, the ADD NEW button defaults to the Block Editor, but they added a dropdown. Drop the down arrow and select Classic Editor from the ADD NEW button.

Same goes for editing. Hover over the post you wish to edit and select CLASSIC Editor, to edit. Otherwise it will default to the Block Editor.

If you are having trouble liking posts in reader or getting notifications, try clearing your browserโ€™s cache. Make sure you have all your passwords readily available, because by deleting cookies, you will be required to login to all your websites again.

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22 thoughts on “If You Are Trying to Use WP-Admin to Post, Read This

      1. I posted today from the new Editor and somehow it ended up on the Reader page 5 hours before I actually published it. I re-checked my settings and it is still set on EST.
        If this is the new improved WordPress, they can have it.

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      2. Hi GP, it is a silly question, but did you check the time of publishing in the post settings? Mine often takes the default time as the time post I began typing the post, or may be the last time I made an edit. You can change that time. In Post Settings, Click Published On > Click Time and Date. You can make changes in the Calendar > Click OK > Make Changes in the Clock > Click OK > Click Update.

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      3. This is weird in extreme. My WP sometimes takes wrong time, but I can usually rectify it locally. I haven’t used Pete’s method yet. I will try it sometime today and see what happens.

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