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Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

Elephant on wheels for the freedom of movement

My daughter is big on animals. She owns a huge assortment of wild and farm animals in her 1 square meter ranch. Lions, Tigers, Leopards accompany her wherever she goes, when they are not hunting Zebras, Horses, Sheep, Goats and Girraffes, or having random scuffles with Elephants, Hippos and Rhinos. The Dog, the Cat, the Monkey and the many Bears are rather soft and don’t get into the matters of these lesser beings.

Whatever is lacking in this assortment, she makes up for it through lego blocks.

After getting through the Horses, Hens and Birds suggested by the Lego booklet, she moved into unchartered waters–the stuff that was clearly beyond the imagination of the game designer. She started from mammals like Giraffes and Elephants, went on to build Flamingoes, Snakes and Crocodiles. She hasn’t forgotten insects and has created houseflies and bees. Spiders are next on the list.

And now she has begun resurrecting Dinosaurs and Dragons.

As I try to ignore the dragons flying around the house and the dinosaurs chomping down the wooden furniture, and step around the many elephants and giraffes, I fear of what I’ve unleashed on the world when I decided to buy Lego for my daughter.

I hope my love for my daughter does not return the world to Jurassic Age.

A pair of dragons currently nursing a fresh brood of babies in our backyard


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