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My Neighbours: The Dragon

This lockdown has acquainted us with a lot of neighbours. Some of them have moved in, against government measures.

One of them is a Dragon with a forked tail and ability to change colours. What’s worse, she moved in with her entire family!

Meet Hariya, our resident dragon. She has a forked tail and ability to change colour from a soft pink to dark patchy commando-style grey in a flash.

Hariya in a soft pinkish grey girly look

Hariya in a soft pinkish grey girly look


Hariya in her commando assassin dress

Hariya in her commando assassin dress

Recently, when I saw several new additions to her family, I asked her to begin paying her share of rent. But then, I saw Hariya in action preying on larger insects (moths, grasshoppers, winged ants) and I realised the potential and made a deal with her.

Once she grows up to her optimal size, (Anybody knows what is optimal size of a dragon?) I can rent her out for hunting expeditions–a new form of danger sports. She can fly ahead as a scout (I hope she grows wings once she reaches her optimal size), catch animals for the people and roast them with the flames (I hope she develops that handy quality once she grows to her optimal size).

I know its a lot to hope for…

But, if done, it will be a hit for those seeking adventure. Imagine the demand! It can provide employment to her entire family, so that they can buy a house and not scrounge around for food…at least not their own food…

Any one game for it?

My daughter got inspired by the idea and built her statue for marketing once she reaches…


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