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My Neighbours: The Squabblers

During lockdown, our neighbours have been knocking on our windows for various reasons. This series is dedicated to them.

A squabbling Babbler--his partner is just out of camera view.
A squabbling Babbler–his partner is just out of camera view.

Recently, we got a visit from the Jungle Babblers–not sure about their names, since they never got around to introduce themselves.

One of them just knocked on the window at 6 am and, then, hopped back on the tree to argue with another Babbler. Or may be, they were just talking…Babblers can be pretty loud about their views and a simple-minded person like me can easily misjudge it as an argument.

Anyway, when I reached the window to check who it is, both of them looked pretty peeved…but then, Jungle Babblers always look peeved.

So, I felt rather uninvited in this heated discussion, which could be about anything–a fight among neighbours for the best branch rights (it is time to build nests), a lover’s quarrel over who will change diapers once the babies are delivered (Read The Delivery Guy to find out more), or a discussion about the weather.

But it was intense, because discussions are always intense among Babblers.

So, I stood there sleepy-eyed and waiting for niceties and for someone to explain why they woke me up. May be, they wanted someone to mediate but all I could hear was a lot of swearing in Babbl-ish (they have some really obscene words, like ‘crockacrockacrow’ and ‘cruuuckkrrrrr’). So, after 5 minutes, I finally gave up, left them to settle the ‘argument’ themselves…if it was one, and went back to sleep.

I think they felt insulted, since they haven’t visited me again. But, for once, I am not sorry. I don’t want my baby to grow up learning such foul language. Would you?



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4 thoughts on “My Neighbours: The Squabblers

    1. Thank you, Yvonne. My neighbourhood is getting more interesting as each day passes in lockdown. Animals are birds are getting bolder. They venture closer and are not scared of humans who do not make sudden movements. Humanity is suffering but nature is thriving. Weird times.


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