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The 3 Dollar Playschool

My daughter turned three this month. Amidst the Corona Virus scare, we were not able to celebrate. We also had to postpone her admission to playschool. Still, I wanted to make the day special for her.

Then my mind drifted to the Playhouse I build last year for 1.5 USD. The flowers were now peeling off and the color yellow had become mellow. My family was planning to discard it. I thought better and gave my child a Playschool and something to occupy her time.

It cost three dollars (around 200 Rs). I pasted 16 pieces of card sheets, glue, and cello tape. Then, wrote English-Hindi alphabets and numbers on the inner sides. Tadaaaaaaaaa! The school was ready.

For decoration, I hired professional help–my daughter. I gave her colors and a free reign. She is still having a gala time ‘decorating’ it!

Here is the result.

I drew the animals, she coloured.


She drew the animals, we coloured.

The best part is that within a month, my daughter learnt how to write English alphabets just because of the excitement and the sense of importance. The ‘play-school’ walls are full of animal names my daughter has written and we are progressing to numbers next.

And I have a wonderful artifact that will be auctioned for 1000 dollars someday! (Well, a mother can hope!)

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Dear Human, are you humane?


Hi All,

These are difficult times. People are home bound and a lot of them who earn their bread daily can’t feed their families anymore. I urge we share surplus with them.

In Islam, there is a concept of sharing 2.5% of your surplus every year. It is a complex calculation but in simple terms: if I have had money, jwellery, or property that I am not living in, and had it for more than an year, I give away 2.5% of its value. It keeps a lot of families afloat. And somehow, I feel richer by giving away.

Not everyone will be ready to part with that kind of money, but if you can spare even one dollar to feed empty stomachs, you get blessings, regardless of the value.

Here are four ways to do it:

  • Buy the stuff while shopping for yourself and leave it outside there houses or in a place where ABC is sure to find it.
  • Ask ABC person to come and collect money/food stuff from your place. (You can handover the stuff outside your door. No need to touch or call them inside.)
  • Send the money physically/on phone/online to the ABC person and they can shop.
  • Call ABC person to pick up the stuff from the local grocer. Ask the grocer to give X amount of stuff to the ABC person while you pay online. (This is what we have been doing.)

These are desperate times. I urge you to do your bit and deserve the blessings you have.

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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The Kiss

The sky was dark

and the air charged

with the electric between us.

He leaned in until

his face touched mine.

I closed my eyes waiting.

His open lips shattered

my tough facade,

reaching my molten heart.

The universe witnessed

our union as

the Sky and Earth combined

under the blessed showers.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay