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The Royal Scoop: The Complete Story

Hi All,

I have compiled all the parts of my first completed fiction serial (approximately 2000 words). It is about Media Trial and how News Channels create news and pass judgement progressively until the public believes them.

I made certain minor edits as well. Please provide criticism—positive or negative—to help me understand whether this style of writing works. Of course, it could have been better. Help me understand how.

Part 1

News Anchor: Welcome to News at Six.

In Breaking News, we have received a confirmation from the Royal Palace that the wedding of Prince Charming with Lady Cinderella, the daughter of the late Duke of Whining, has been put on hold indefinitely.

Earlier today, our Channel had released a recording of Lady Cinderella admitting that she can interact with Fairies. Since the confession questions the mental stability of the next Queen, the issue is of national concern. While the Royal family is taking the required measures to check the authenticity of the recording, our correspondents have tried to get to the bottom of this issue.

We have checked the possibility of mental instability.

It is important to note that in the recording, Lady Cinderella had claimed that her dress, shoes, jewelry and carriage, along with the driver, were created by fairy magic and vanished the same day. Since she has presented no proof of the said magic, we are also considering the possibility of theft of clothes, jewelry and exclusive edition crystal shoes, expensive gold carriage, and, last but not the least, murder of the driver.

Stay tuned for more. We will be back after a short break.

Part 2

News Anchor: Welcome back after the break. In News at Six, we are investigating the mental stability of Lady Cinderella, whose marriage to Prince Charming has been put on hold indefinitely after our sensational reveal, the audio recording of the Lady herself admitting she has a Fairy Godmother.

In our studio, we have her step-mother, the Duchess of Whining.

My Lady, could you please let us know what you think of Lady Cinderella’s confession?

Duchess of Whining: Poor Sweetheart! She always was a little soft in the head. Losing her mother at age of six left her a little unhinged. But when she lost her father, my late husband, she became delirious. She accused me and my daughters, her step-sisters, of foul play and closed herself off in a servant’s quarter. I let her cool down for a few days, but when she came out, she dismissed all servants, saying that we cannot afford them and suggested we take over household work. As if a Duchess would sweep the floors!

When I confronted her, she just took over all the work herself. She stopped going to all social events and closed herself off.

On the night of ball, she told us she was unwell. So, we left without her. Little did we know that over the next few hours she will steal my daughter’s dress and jewelry, somebody’s shoes and carriage and, possibly, murder a coachman… All just so that she could make a dramatic entrance!

What a blot on our family!

News Anchor: Thank you, My Lady! Could you please tell us about the jewelry she had taken?

Duchess (confused): Well, I’m not exactly sure. Never got a chance to get too close at the Ball. But there is no other way she could have costly jewels, unless she had stolen them from someone!

News Anchor: Thank you, Madame! As you can all see, Lady Cinderella had a history of mental instability. We will further investigate this issue through her sisters.

Stay tuned for more scoop on the Royal family drama. We will be back after a short break!

Part 3

News Anchor: Welcome back after the break. In News at Six, we are investigating the future queen Lady Cinderella’s admission that she can see Fairies.

In our studio, we have Lady Arlene, her older step-sister. My Lady, what do you think about Lady Cinderella’s mental condition?

Lady Arlene (Sister #1): Well, nothing’s wrong with her mind, if you ask me! She always had a flare for dramatics. I remember, when Mamma fired the household staff of our estate and told her to manage the work, she cried for a whole week while working. And every night, she made such a show of body ache!

And when Mamma wouldn’t let her come to the ball with us, she looked like she was going to cry again! As if her dress was even worth it! Such drama!

News Anchor (hesitating): But your mother said it was Cinderella who fired the staff and declined to come to the ball?

Lady Arlene (Sister #1) (too quickly): Oh, of course! I remember now… Anyway, I believe, Cinderella stole the clothes, jewelry, shoes and carriage, and killed that coachman, simply because of her love for theatrics. And when she was found by the Prince, she invented the Fairies to cover up.

News Anchor: Thank you, Ladies!

As you can all see, Lady Cinderella, apart from her mental instability, has a love for drama since childhood leading to the thievery and the possible murder. We will further investigate this issue with another close relative.

Stay tuned for more scoop on the Royal family drama. We will be back after a short break!

Part 4

News Anchor: Welcome back. In News at Six, we are investigating the truth behind the ‘Fairy connections’ of the wannabe-future-queen Lady Cinderella. We just spoke to her step-mother and her older step-sister who believe that she is mentally instable and suspect her for the theft of jewelry and clothes, and murder of her carriage coachman.

Now we have with us Lady Katherine, her younger step-sister. My Lady, congratulations on your engagement with the Minister of Media!

How does it feel to hear about your sister’s mental condition?

Lady Katherine (Sister #2): It is so embarrassing to be related to a liar like her. It could never be her at the Ball. I think, she just got lucky with the shoes when the Prince came looking for the actual girl. Then she created the story of the Fairy to explain her dress and stuff.

News Anchor: Do you mean to say that the girl at the Ball wasn’t her at all?

Sister #2: Absolutely, she was stunning…the face…the grace…the way she danced… I tell you she was a real Princess!

News Anchor: Well, I don’t think she was that good.

Sister #2 (in a humiliating tone): Oh, come on! Don’t act jealous. I know the Prince was dancing with you in that sexy red dress when he saw Cinderella and dropped you like a rotten tomato.

News Anchor (snapping): I am not jealous! And your face was all red when the Prince didn’t spare you a glance! The Minister proposed to you only because you are future-Queen’s sister!

Sister #2 (outraged): He didn’t! And you just want Cinderella instutionalized to clear the way to the throne!

News Anchor (still snapping): And why did your family ask for airtime on our news? Because your husband-to-be, the Minister of Media, is second-in-line to the throne! Once Prince and his wife get discredited…

News Production Manager (trying to cover the screen and sounds of curses and stuff being thrown around): We apologize for discontinuing News at Six today due to some technical issues. We will come back to you tomorrow with more information.

Part 5

News Anchor (with a bandaged nose and a swollen eye): Welcome to News at Six! As you all might know, that earlier today, our Channel had exposed Lady Cinderella, the Fiancée of Prince Charming and the future Queen, confessing that she can see Fairies.

Lady Katherine, sister of Lady Cinderella, came to studio but declined to discuss the possibility of mental instabilty in her sister. She became violent quickly, a sure sign of the entire family being unstable.

Now we have the Sheriff with us regarding the theft of jewelry, clothes and carriage by Lady Cinderella and the murder of her coachman on the night of the Ball.

Sheriff, has the Lady admitted the murder yet?

Sheriff (hesitatingly): We haven’t been able to frame any charges yet since there hasn’t been any missing person’s report yet. Also, there is no report of any missing jewelry, dress or carriage.

News Anchor (miffed): Seems like the Lady has been quick to cover her tracks, or may be the Royal Family has been! Has the Police department checked with the adjoining cities and states? Maybe check her old estate for the body or stolen jewelry, dress, horse and carriage? At least take her in custody and ask her questions. I am sure she will spill the beans with a third degree!

Sheriff (miffed too): I assure you the Police doesn’t need a Comedy Channel to tell them how to do its job.

News Anchor (eyes blazing): I assure you this isn’t a Comedy Channel…

Sheriff (laughing without humor): Oh, I saw your ‘discussion‘ with Lady Katherine. It was quite entertaining!

News Anchor (red-faced): That’s just the way we reporters are treated for speaking the truth.

Sheriff (guffaws): Yeah! Right!

News Anchor: F*** You!

News Production Manager (trying to cover the sound of a scuffle): Again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused due to technical difficulties. We will return as soon as possible.

Part 6

News Anchor (sour-faced with bandaged hand, nose and head, and a black eye): Welcome back to News at Six. We are investigating the mental instability of Lady Cinderella, the fiancée of Prince Charming and future Queen. We had earlier shared her recording admitting that she can converse with Fairies. Her family testified her mental instabilty and suspected she murdered her coachman.

Let us now talk to our correspondent, John, who is at the Royal Palace where the Lady in question is staying to evade Police arrest.

Hi John, what’s happening at the palace?

John: Hi Cassy! We have been waiting outside the Palace for the past half an hour. As you can see, the Palace is decorated with ‘fairy lights’. We have seen a limousine drive inside and some palace servants going in and out, but nobody is ready to talk. We tried to get in, but the guards stopped us. Oh! I see a gardener at the fence hedges now. Let me talk to him.

Sir, can you please tell us whether Lady Cinderella is going to surrender to the Police?


Has she confessed the murder of her coachman yet?


Has Police arrested her yet?


Who was in the Limousine?


Does using ‘fairy lights’ indicate that the Royal Palace supports the Lady’s claim about ‘Fairies’?

(The gardener walks away. The reporter tries to jump the fence, but a guard warns him to stay out.)

As you can see, the Palace has been turned into a fortress. Nobody is allowed to go in. Those inside are too scared to speak against the Future Queen. But our channel will fearlessly continue trying to get to the bottom of the drama unfolding at the Royal Palace.

Stay tuned for more on News at Six.

Part 7

News Anchor (with a bandaged hand, nose and head, and a black eye, and a huge grin on her face):

Welcome back to News at Six.

We have received an official report from the Royal Palace that Lady Cinderella has called off the wedding with Price Charming. She said that she is “unable to deal with the pressure of being in constant spotlight” and she openly blames her engagement with the Prince for the so-called “Media trial”.

Also, her ‘Fairy Godmother’ had presented herself in the courtroom trashing all speculations of the Lady’s mental instability. She has now moved the Lady to Fairyland to help her recover from the trauma.

The King has tweeted that anyone who has a problem being in constant spotlight is not fit for the Royal Family. Also, he will soon announce the date of the next Royal Ball to find a bride for the Prince. Every eligible girl without a Fairy Godmother is welcome!



I am an Instructional Designer, avid reader, small-town woman and working mother with a fish-eye perspective. I have just published my first book, The Forest Bed and other short stories. If you like my stories on this blog, feel free to Like, Comment, Reblog and Share. You can reach me at or through my Facebook page

7 thoughts on “The Royal Scoop: The Complete Story

  1. The best part about this is how accurate it is to the daily media circus, especially the stepsister marrying the person in charge and shaping the story to fit what she wanted. Just goes to show how much damage can be done.

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      1. True! Who wants to marry a crazy pervert who follows the woman who run away from him, digs her out using her shoes and marries her, just because she is pretty and dances well?

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